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The Summer's new favorite from INSON Shade Sail

Update Time:2020/10/16 16:17:26
The Summer's new favorite from INSON Shade Sail
The Summer's new favorite from INSON Shade Sail
Inson shade sails are landscape shading products, widely used in outdoor spaces, villa courtyards, and architectural domes

Etc., it can not only shade and beautify the landscape,Like GALE PACIFIC. our products follow the most stringent quality standards.

◆ INSON shade sails are divided into building shade series (using commercial 95 fabric) and courtyard shade
Series (using Commercial 280 shade fabric);
◆ The commercial95 fabric has a strong tension and color fastness (ten years without fading), which is very suitable for
Tensioned canopy shading and structured landscape pavilion;
◆ Commercial 280 shade fabric is a professional indoor and outdoor shade fabric (without fading for five years).
Yangfan products (triangular/square/rectangular type) are easy to install and use, without the need for professionals to install sunshade sails. You will enjoy the cool summer

Nowaday, when sunshade sails are becoming more and more popular, they have gradually replaced the umbrellas and canopies we use. It is undoubtedly a famous futuristic and architectural form, and it is recyclable and can block 90%-95% of ultraviolet rays.

It has a simple design that can connect two frame columns and walls or other existing structures, flexible and flexible, minimalist and elegant.