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What are the Benefits of using Anti hail Net?

What are the Benefits of using Anti hail Net?

Update Time:2020-09-13

Protection Against Hail

Over 20 years Inson anti hail Net has covered crops from countless hail storms. From very small hail to very large hail stones, Inson anti hail Net has always proven to protect the crop even when structured net has collapsed.

Protection Against Wind Damage

Inson'sAnti hail net reduces high wind speed from underneath the net. Helping reduce damage caused by wind rub.

Protection Against Birds & Bats

Inson's  Anti hail net protects crops against all size birds and bats. Eliminating damage from these pests.

Protection Against Insect Pests

By using antil hail Net to create an exclusion zone from certain types of insects it greatly reduces the reliance of pesticides and reduces the damage caused.

Protection Against Sunburn

By reducing the amount of UV light hitting the surface of the fruit Inson antil hail Net reduces the damage caused by excessive radiation.

Helps Reduce Vigour in Growth

The net hanging on the tree helps reduce growth and reduces the cost of pruning. It also aides in calming the tree down making it more productive.

Anti-Bee protection for seedless citrus varieties.

Our Bee Net prevents bees from pollinating.

Inson anti hail net Can Be Moved

Antil hail Net can be moved from block to block and possibly used for different crops in one year.

Aides in Reducing Evapotranspiration

The shading factor of the net helps in retaining soil moisture.


Inson anti hail net is extremely cost efficient and can pay for its self within the first year of application.