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Far Away Pesticide And Get More Organic Fruit

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We produce Anti Hail Net which is of the highest quality and high-density UV-protected polyethylene. We supply a 5-years warranty. And the lifetime will be at least 8years.

The Anti hail net is also called bee net, applet, citrus netting. It is very popular in Australia & the USA.

  • Weight: 55g-60g/m2
  • Warranty: 5 years, lifetime: 8+ years
  • Size: 6m or customized

Ideal Anti-Pollination Bee Netting, Preventing The Development Of Seeds

Excellent for growing high-quality mandarin orange crops

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Anti-Hail Net?

  • Protection Against Hail
  • Protect the crop even when the hail comes
  • Protection against Birds & Bats: Against all size birds and bats. Eliminating damage from these pests.
  • Protection Against Wind Damage: Reduces high wind speed from underneath the net. Helping reduce damage caused by wind rub.
  • Protection your fruit Against Sunburning: Reducing the amount of UV light hitting the surface of the fruit when anti-hail net cover the fruit

Which Fruits Will Use This Net?

Apple, pear, citrus, cherry, and grape. it has proven success protecting those fruit against pests like birds.

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