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Excellent HDPE Shade Net Fabrics

Excellent HDPE Shade Net Fabrics

Issue Time:2015-03-02


INSONSHADE  is one of the top suppliers and manufacturers of sun shade fabric .All the production of our shade net fabrics is carried out in a streamlinedprocess. INSON is equipped with all updated equipment and knitting machinesthat are necessary for the fast production procedure.

Allthe machines are manually examined by our experienced and meticulousprofessionals. Our entire collection of tensile shade structures is composed of100% virgin and pure raw materials. And our masterbatch imported fromCLARIANT.and our heat setting machinery design and development by our experiencedtechnical research team.

Types of Shade Fabric

1.Shade fabric of 50% net density willblock 50% of the light. This type of shade is used in the culture of floweringplants that requires a longer duration of natural light.

2.Shade fabric of 70% net density willblock 70% of the light. This type of fabric is used for gardening or greenhouseshade.

3.Shade fabric of 95% net density willblock 95% of ight.this fabric is siutable for commercail.


The shade net fabrics are mostly applicable inhorticulture, greenhouse shades, nursery shades, outdoor car parking shade.



1.       Excellent surface treatment processing


2.       All the materials are superb protectionagainst UVR


3.       Non-halogen Additive of FR is present whichmakes them Flame resistant


4.       Warranty for 3 to 15 years from UV rays


5.       Free from phthalate and heavy metal


6.       All the fabrics are 100% recyclable