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Aluminum Thermal Screen – AAS series

YSNetting offers your a complete greenhouse screen solution. AAS Aluminet Thermal Screen is durable & strong enough to give your wonderful climate by controlling the light and temperature to help your plants and flowers grow well in your greenhouse. We accept OEM and wholesale. Don’t be hesitate to contact us to get more information about thermal reflective screen in latest factory price.


Plants require a certain light and temperature; there are two common strategies: maximizing light permeability or maximizing energy saving; while optimizing light permeability. YSNetting offers solutions for both situations with its greenhouse thermal screen material.

YSNetting climate screen enhances air humidity and is, therefore, the perfect screen to grow young plants or to fully steer the climate if there are other dehumidification options. Thanks to a unique treatment during the knitting process, the screen has a light permeability of 90%.

AAS Aluminum Thermal Screen for Greenhouse
AAS Aluminum Thermal Screen for Greenhouse
Aluminet screens
AAS Aluminum Greenhouse Thermal Screen

AAS Aluminum Thermal Screen Features

  • Light reflection and transmission: special aluminum and transparent polymer material give AAS superior reflection and transmission efficiency. AAS reflects sunlight during the day and helps to retain heat during the night, resulting in a superior climate in the greenhouse and lowering the energy costs.
  • Constant humidity and anti-dew: the knitting structures of AAS protect the screen from dews by allowing sufficient airflow.
  • Long usage life: AAS is a highly UV stabilized product with excellent antistatic properties the screen will stay clean and efficient for many years.
  • Stable performance: the special knitting structure and good aluminum foil of AAS keep the screen neat and the strips fixed to the structure. The heat contraction rate of this product is less than 0.1% under 70℃.

AAS Aluminum Thermal Screen Specification

thermal screen

Sr.No. Weight (gsm) Shade Rate Energy Saving Shrinkage
AAS35 85-95 35% 49% ≤1
AAS45 45% 53% ≤1
AAS55 55% 57% ≤1
AAS60 60% 62% ≤1
AAS65 65% 63% ≤1
AAS75 75% 67% ≤1
AAS85 85% 72% ≤1


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