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YSNetting Olive harvesting nets are made of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they are extremely durable and feature austere specifications to avoid tearing and ensure easy placement, use, and movement. They are stabilized against UV radiation, which makes them resistant to the sun and the changing weather conditions. They are woven so as not to be damaged by chemicals and foreign objects that may come into contact. We provides professional wholesale and OEM service for net fabric, contact us to get the details and the latest factory price.



Ysnetting Olive Harvest Net is made of lightweight flexible and durable material UV stabilized polyethylene monofilament and is widely used in olive oil-rich Mediterranean neighboring countries.

The nets available have various kinds of meshes in order to optimize the different harvesting methods of olives and fruits. Every net is suitable for a different application such as natural falling harvesting, hand harvesting, or mechanized harvesting. they are an economically viable solution for quick and simple harvesting, ensuring the integrity of the fruit.

We produce high-quality and reliable olive harvesting net material according to strict specifications in accordance with ISO standards. They are eco-friendly and do not affect your fruit products. The main color is green.

The Advantage of Our Olive Harvest Nets

  1. The material used is UV stabilized and knitted. This means that the material is very strong, durable, and will not fray.
  2. The cost of the material is more cost-effective than shade cloth, hail netting, and fish netting.
  3. The olive catching net is laid around the tree to catch falling fruit during harvest, to reduce the scratching between olive fruit and rough ground.
  4. A slit in netting allows it to be pulled around the trunk.
  5. Customized design grommets distribution at the sides of the olive harvest net is available.
  6. Avoids contact between fruit and soil.
  7. Waterproof, in case of rain or snow, doesn’t absorb water,• Stabilized against UV radiation.
  8. Convenient and light, they can be installed by a single person.
  9. Excellent durability due to their dense weave.
  10. They cannot be carried away by the wind, displaced, or rolled on their edges as they are hemmed and toughened.
  11. They do not crack, do not rip, and do not shrink during harvest.
  12. Suitable for all types of soil (stone, earth).
  13. Protect fruits from injuries.• Reduce harvest costs while keeping the quality of the crop at a high level.
Material Weight (gsm) size Packaging Shrinkage Warranty
HDPE with UV 90-110


8x12m,8x14m, 6x6m,8x8m


One Piece or Rolls ≤1 5years
Olive Harvesting Net Wholesale
Olive Harvesting Net Wholesale
Olive Harvesting Net Application
Olive Harvesting Net Application
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