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Shade fabric roll factory bulk custom-COLARO 185

Shade cloth 185 with grey is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene.blocks harmful UV rays. Shade cloth coverings for lightweight and durability make it a superior choice for all types of shade applications.185 shade cloth with 5-10years warranty. suitable for patios, courtyards, privacy screens, dog kennels, caravan annexes, barbecue areas, carports, aviaries, pool covers, and swimming pool shading. INSONSHADE is a shade fabric suppliers,factory and various custom us get a good price.


Specification of shade fabric roll:

  • 185 g/m2,90% Blockage, protects with up to 90% UV block.
  • the shade cloth roll Knitted from polyethylene tape and mono filament yarn in a special structure.
  • Roll size: 3x50m straight and centre folded rolls or custom your size
  • Average weight: 185g/m2
  • Heat treatment processing, no need to worry about size shrinkage.
  • 5-10years  UV stabilized &color warranty.accept custom service.





  • The outdoor shade fabric is thoughtfully crafted from UV-stabilized HDPE knitted yarn. It’s ideal for commercial shading project and architectural applications.
  • 185 shade cloth offers long-lasting UV protection, strength, and resistance to tearing.
  • shade cloth specifically suited to applications where a high shade factor or privacy screening is needed.
  • 185 shade cloth is not designed for tension applications such as shade sails but it is perfect for most jobs around the home project.such as covering a pergola or providing a privacy screen.




This is No Edge Taping Product! only factory edge! 185 shade cloth is suitable for a wide range of applications around the home and for businesses. The 3m rolls are folded in half so they are only 1.5cm wide when shipped.we are HDPE  shade cloth manufacturers,factory and suppliers.only support bulk shade fabric roll order.accept any size.color and different quality level custom.




Suitable for patios, courtyards, privacy screens, dog kennels, caravan annexes, barbecue areas, carport shading, aviaries, pool covers, and swimming pool shading.



Privacy fence screens                                               gazebo shading                                                     Backyard shading






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