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The Qualities of Sun Shade Fabric

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The Qualities of Sun Shade Fabric

We are a verified supplier of commercial grade sun shade fabric to small, medium, and large-scale companies operating in numerous industries. Our business is reputable among the clients due to artisan work and long-term services. 


The commercial shade clothes are custom-created to satisfy the client’s requirements. As a result, they can fit any industrial and communal location. Furthermore, we also offer the shade cloth in numerous shades and textures to add dimension to the setting.

Protection from the weather

The manufactured protective cloth will withstand temperatures and climates throughout the year. They are quality tested against tearing, water and heat resistance, and UV protection against the sunlight.Resultantly, when you purchase the shade fabric from our humble establishment, you are set for the next 10 years.

All the commercial shades offer UPF protection to prevent heat and glare from passing through them.

The shades are created with excellent quality fabrics in long-lasting sizes to battle climatic fluctuations with ease.


Undoubtedly, the commercial grade sun shade fabric needs to be versatile to perform its intended function. We combine long-term use, eye appeal, and quality with excellent product supervision to deliver the best shade in the market. Our stitching and quality fabrics are unmatched as well.

The shades are appropriate for numerous locations depending on the fabric. It will fit a small shop, awning, architectural grounds, pools, and shade skeletons like an extension of the original structure. Regardless of the location, the shades are very easy to clean because of their resistance to weather. 


We are an international company that understands commercial shade cloth trends to combat global weather conditions. Each article is manufactured in adherence to international compliances that results in durable use. We are proud of our approach to facilitating the commercial entities involved in wholesale transactions.

Long term

The commercial shade cloth’s fabric is internally tested with strict quality assurance protocols, making it impossible to tear. 


We have trained our employees to represent the ideal business model. Every technician is friendly, emphatic, and experienced in their knowledge of shade cloths. Furthermore, the customer representative staff is available 24/7 to guide the international wholesalers through the logistics and queries.

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