INSONSHADE (Taizhou Yingsheng Goods & Materials Co., Ltd) is an innovative Chinese textile manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, and sales of high-quality greenhouse climate curtains, sun-shading cloth, fruit tree netting, and other types of protective covering for Agricultural, Greenhouse, Outdoor & Construction.

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Our Mission

“To harness our advanced agricultural textile technology and China’s cost-effective labor, providing high-value agricultural textile products worldwide.

Our goal is to maintain our leading position in China and our established markets, while actively expanding into regions with harsh climates, like Africa and the Middle East, to support and boost their agricultural development.

By offering customized solutions, we strive to overcome environmental challenges and enhance agricultural productivity and efficiency, thereby driving economic growth in these areas.

Our mission is to be a positive contributor in the global field of agricultural textiles, contributing to the welfare and prosperity of the global agricultural community.”

How We Start?

  • 1990: Establishment

    TAIZHOU YINGSHENG GOODS & MATERIALS CO. LTD, founded in 1990, is an agricultural textile factory initially focused on producing shade products. Given China's significant role in agriculture, the company's primary product line was agricultural shading fabrics.

  • 1991-2000: Agro-Textiles Range Expanding

    In China, where there's an abundance of mountains and hills, the demand for fruit tree cultivation and protection is substantial. Responding to this need, INSONSHADE swiftly expanded its product range to include a variety of Agro-Textiles, such as hail nets, bird nets, and insect nets, beyond its initial shade offerings.

  • 2000: Advancing into Greenhouse Covering

    With the advent of modern greenhouse agriculture in China around the year 2000, INSONSHADE capitalized on this opportunity. The company launched the SCREENMAX brand, developing and manufacturing various products, including greenhouse curtains, ground covers, and greenhouse insect nets.

  • 2017: INSONGREEN

    By 2017, drawing on our extensive experience, we partnered with greenhouse accessory producers in Southwest China. This collaboration led to providing commercial-grade greenhouse solutions under the newly formed brand INSONGREEN. We recently established SICHUAN EVERGROW AGRICULTURAL TECH CO., LTD, a company dedicated to greenhouse solutions.

  • Over 20 Years: From Local to Global

    Over 20 years of growth have transformed TAIZHOU YINGSHENG GOODS & MATERIALS CO. LTD from a domestic Chinese company to an international player. We have forged long-term partnerships with local businesses in more than 30 countries. Currently, the company manages several brands, including INSONSHADE, SCREENMAX, and INSONGREEN, and offers a diverse range of customized textile products and comprehensive agricultural cultivation solutions.


All our products adhere to the standards implemented with the ISO9001 certification and are certified to be of the highest standards by international testing agencies like the Australian Shadecloth Test Report, SGS Test Report, AWTA Test Report, QMS, and EMS Certification.

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