Cost-Effective Hail Netting Solution

INSONSHADE produces the most cost-effective anti-hail netting for gardens, orchards, and farms, to protect your or your customers’ plants and crops from different severe conditions including hail, snow, sunburn, wind, and other predators like birds, bees, bats, etc.

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Anti-Hail Netting for Various Uses

Anti Hail

Anti Hail Netting

Anti Bird

Anti Bird Netting

Anti Bee

Anti Bee Netting

Hail Netting for Garden

Hail Netting for Garden

Protect Orchards Orange

Protect Orchards Orange

Protect Apple Tree

Protect Apple Tree

Protect Vineyards

Protect Vineyards

Hail netting is typically and initially used for protecting plants and fruits from hail damage. But now customized hail nettings are also widely used to protect crops, fruit trees, and even cars from bird, snow, wind, and other damage. For more uses and fabric information, you can directly contact us. 

Our Hail Netting Products

Raschel Triangle Hail netting

Triangle Hail Netting - YST65

Perfect for protecting fruits and plants from heavy bird pressure and hail damage.

Bee Standard Hail Netting

Standard Hail Netting - YBT60

Lightweight, non-structure drape nets protect vineyards, orchards and gardens from hail, bees, etc.

leno hail netting for garden

Leno Hail Netting - YCT40-YCT70

High strength and durable hail netting for potect garden, orchards & vineyards, etc.

Square Hail Net

Square Hail Netting - YZT70

Tear resistance & appropriate elasticity to withstand heavy loads of hail stones or birds.

SKU (e.g.) Category Thread Size Mesh Size Weight Density Available Color Seamless Max.Width UV Treatment Warranty
YST65 Triangle 0.28 mm 8.5 x 2.5 x 2 (mm) 65 g/m2 18% Crystal, White, Black 12 m 650KLY 5+ years
YBT60 Standard 0.22 mm 4.5 x 1.5 (mm) 60 g/m2 15% Crystal, Black, Green 6 m 650KLY 5 years
YCT60 Leno Hail Netting 0.3 mm 3 x 5 (mm) 60 g/m2 14% Crystal, White, Black 5 m 650KLY 3+ years
YCT70 Leno Hail Netting 0.32 mm 2 x 4 (mm) 70 g/m2 15% Crystal 5 m 650KLY 3+ years
YZT70 Square Hail  Nets 0.16 mm 5 x 4 (mm) 70 g/m2 16% Crystal, Green 6 m 650KLY 8+ years

Note: bee free to get in touch with us to get more hail netting SKUs and information.

INSONSHADE (Taizhou Yingsheng Goods & Materials Co., Ltd) is an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of high-quality greenhouse climate curtains, sun-shading cloth, and Agricultrual protective netting. We provide professional shade cloth & screen solutions for commercial, agricultural, greenhouse, and construction use.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The shading cloth produced by their factory has better anti-ultraviolet function, beautiful and durable, high quality and low price, and the service attitude is particularly good.

    Myla Mcmanus
    Myla Mcmanus

    QA Tester (3rd-Party)

    We purchased plenty of construction screens, shading cloths and other protective materials from John. Their fabrics are more durable and can be used over and over again.

      Carlton Prentice
      Carlton Prentice

      Shade Cloth Wholesaler

      We produce a large number of greenhouse shading cloths that need to be wholesaled, and customize special solutions according to my specific needs, which is very worry-free.

        Betsy Schultz
        Betsy Schultz

        Shade Brand CEO

        They have rich production experience. And we have ordered products from this fabric company many times, and there are some different discounts for bulk wholesale.

          Beverley Allan
          Beverley Allan

          Distributor from Dubai

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