Greenhouse Anti Insect Netting - Mesh from 20 to 50


YSNetting offers high-quality anti-insect nets that are designed to protect your orchards and vineyards from a wide range of pests. Our nets are constructed from 100% virgin HDPE material with UV stabilizer monofilament yarns that provide superior durability and resistance to the sun. This ensures that they remain effective in protecting your crops over a long period of time.

The nets are designed to protect against fruit flies such as Mediterranean fruit fly, fig fruit fly, olive fruit fly, aphids, mealy bugs, thrips, and whitefly, as well as grape moths, Prudencia, and Pomegranate fruit butterflies. They also provide protection against climatic conditions such as hail, wind, and excessive solar radiation, thus optimizing yield and fruit quality. As a supplier, manufacturer, and factory of greenhouse insect screens, we can provide you with competitive pricing for insect screens.

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Anti Insect Net(agricultural insect netting)

YSNetting’s anti-insect nets are constructed from 100% virgin HDPE with UV stabilizer monofilament yarns that are both durable and resistant to the sun. They provide protection against a wide range of fruit flies, grape moths, Prudencia, and Pomegranate fruit butterflies in orchards and vineyards. Additionally, these nets also protect against climatic conditions such as hail, wind, and excessive solar radiation, thereby optimizing yield and fruit quality.

As the evolution of agricultural pests continues, YSNetting has invested significant resources in the development of our anti-insect nets to maintain high-quality standards and achieve good quality and an excellent level of competitiveness.

Greenhouse insect nets not only keep pests, birds, and bats from harming crops but also filter out excessive sunlight and prevent sunburn, which can significantly improve productivity. They also form a barrier to completely block hail and protect crops from frost and being ripped yet providing the maximum airflow possible.

For crops grown under a higher density mesh (e.g. 50 mesh), the greenhouses will also provide crop ventilation. However, it can also be used as a windbreak to create a safe and peaceful growing environment and help increase production.

Anti-Insect Net 40 mesh protects crops against whiteflies (Partially), leaf miners, Aphids, and other insects by preventing their penetration into the structure. This results in a safer crop with more ventilation compared to crops grown under more dense nets like 50 mesh. This net can be used in all stable structures for vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and is primarily used in pepper crops in anti-insect houses in Spain, Mexico, and other places. It allows growers to achieve more yield and better quality from their crops with less use of chemicals.

Benefits of using Anti Insect Net

  • Save fertilizer and pesticides
  • Promote better crop development
  • High strength and UV resistant, durable
  • The best protection against pests


  • Anti-Thrips Shading
  • Sunburn Reduction
  • Evaporation Reduction
  • Light Hail Protection
  • Fruit Fly Protection
  • Insect Exclusion
  • Pest Exclusion
  • Anti-Thrips
  • Pest Exclusion
  • Organic Production
  • Vineyard Netting
  • Fencing
  • Organic Production
  • Vineyard Netting
Mesh Standard Mesh Hole size(mm) Wire Dia(mm) Weight(g/m2)
20 20×17 1.12×1.34 0.15 30
20×17 1.06×1.28 0.21 60
30 30×20 0.7×1.12 0.15 40
30×20 0.63×1.1 0.21 80
40 40×25 0.48×0.86 0.15 50
40×25 0.42×0.8 0.21 110
50 50×25 0.36×0.87 0.15 60
50×25 0.31×0.82 0.19 100
50×25 0.29×0.8 0.21 125

Anti Insect Net Applications

insect screen for greenhouse

Insect barriers

Greenhouse Insect Screen

Garden bug netting


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