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Black Woven Landscape Fabric / Ground Cover Fabric

YSNetting offers a huge assortment of woven landscape fabric, which is made from heavy-duty UV stabilized polypropylene tape. This close-meshed fabric is water permeable but forms a barrier to light and root growth. We are one professional Chinese factory to produce Agriculture and Commercial use fabric. Be free to contact us to get the detail and the latest factory price.we are weed mat suppliers,manufacturers and factory.


YSNetting can produce black ground cover fabric material in bulk. We provide you with professional wholesale and OEM service for Woven Landscape Fabric.

How Does Woven Landscape Fabric Work?

When planting in the fields, weed barrier fabric is used to control weeds, temperature, and moisture in the fields, or in the nurseries with our standard duty, heavy-duty, ground cover, and weed blocking fabrics.

The heavy-duty, durable, and sturdy design of the woven landscape fabric will provide you with premium weed protection for a very long time. Helping you to reduce chemicals so you can do your part for the environment too.

Market Range
Size Fabric Weight
US MARKET SIZE 3’X300′,4’X300′,6’X300′,10’X300′,15’X300′,17.5X300′ 3.0-4.1OZ/sq.yard
EUROPE MARKET SIZE 1.05X100m,2.1X100m,3.1X100m,4.1X100m,5.25x100m 90-130gsm
AUSTRILIA&NEW ZEALAND MARKET SIZE 0.91x100m,1.88x100m,3.66x100m 90-130gsm

Woven Landscape Fabric Application

  • Permeable liners for planters (stops soil erosion)
  • Weed control under wooden decking
  • Geotextile for separating aggregate/soils under walkway blocks or bricks
  • Assists in preventing paving from settling unevenly
  • Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion

Benefits of using Ground Cover Fabric / Woven Landscape Fabric

  • 100% chemical-free weed control
  • Reduces time in maintaining flower beds
  • Plants can be potted or planted in straight lines in nurseries and farms
  • UV stabilized so it can be used multiple times
  • Resistant to bacteria, mildew, and other ground insects
  • Helps the soil to breathe as air and water can pass through
  • Prevents soil erosion, to an extent
  • Prevents splitting of land due to heavy rainfall
  • Blocks weeds without using chemicals
  • Saves times – no more pulling weeds
  • Allow water, air & nutrients to reach the soil, save water
  • Enhances plant growth


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