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Drape Netting for orchard protection-YBT60

INSONSHADE’s drape netting is made from 100% virgin HDPE with stabilized UV, stain resistant, tear resistant and accept custom mesh densities and sizes to meet your specific requirements. and resistant to hail protection together with against birds, bats, wind damage and pests. Increase fruit size and promote fruit us get competitive price from drape hail netting suppliers and manufacturer directly.


Commercial grade fabrics for vineyard netting Perfect for drape nets or other grape vines applications in orchard or garden.Drape Netting keeps birds away from your fruit,it can protecting your crops from hail, birds,bats, sunburn, wind damage & specific insects . In seedless citrus Drape Net stops bee’s from pollinating flowers. Drape Net does not require any trellises when you install.The nets are simply draped over the trees and removed for re-use once they have performed their task.and its made from Environmentally friendly materials.It can be easily applied and removed.


  •  Excellent for protection against damage from hail
  • Offers shading and UV Protection , reducing your crops be sunburn
  • Avoid the excessive use of pesticides and create conditions for inorganic fruits
  • INSONSHADE’s drape Netting prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties,Making Seedless Citrus Possible
  • protect crops from strong wind and sun damage.
  • Made from 100% virgin HDPE

 Drape hail Net                         


60g/m2  mesh 3X5mm



Code TYPE Thread size    (mm) Mesh size (mm) Weight             (g/m2) Density Available color Seamless Max.                   Width(m) UV treatment  warranty Ideal for
YBT60 Standard 0.22 4.5×1.5 60 15% crystal,black ,green 6m 650KLY 5years Lightweight,non-structured drape hai netting

 Dape hail net Applications:

  • With apple and pear growers,protection against hail, sunburn, birds & bats,Avoid unnecessary losses and increase crop yields.
  • For Seedles citrus growers,use INSONSHADE’s drape net will  Prevent seedless citrus varieties from pollinating their pollen.
  • For cherry&grape farmer,use our drape hail net protecting cherries against birds,increase production.
  • Drape net for protecting fruit and vegetables against hail, sunburn, birds & bats.
  • Ideal for covering fruit ,prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties.they always call bee netting.
  • They use our Drape Netting for protecting cherries against pests like birds in Australia and Chile
  • Can be laid directly on the crops or over garden hoops and cages.


anti hail net against birds and some insects
Anti hail for orchards,Drape over Netting


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