Drape Netting for Vineyard & Orchard - YBT60

Unleash the full potential of your orchard with INSONSHADE’s Commercial Grade Vineyard Netting. Crafted from 100% virgin HDPE, our durable and environmentally friendly drape netting provides superior protection against environmental threats like hail, birds, bats, and sunburn.

With unique features like UV protection and a design that reduces pesticide use, our netting is perfect for organic farming. Ideal for seedless citrus production, it prevents cross-pollination to ensure high-quality yield.

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Introducing INSONSHADE’s Commercial Grade Drap Netting – a versatile solution designed to maximize protection and productivity in your vineyards, orchards, and gardens. Crafted from 100% virgin HDPE, our Drape Netting is perfect for safeguarding grapes and other fruit-bearing vines against a range of environmental threats.

Easily draped over your crops, our netting eliminates the need for additional trellises, providing comprehensive protection against hail, birds, bats, wind damage, sunburn, and specific insects. It plays a crucial role in seedless citrus production by preventing bee pollination of flowers. And when the job is done, removal is just as straightforward – preparing your net for its next successful deployment.

Drop Netting Features

  • Commercial-grade durability: Made from 100% virgin HDPE.
  • Comprehensive protection: Guards against hail, birds, bats, sunburn, and wind damage.
  • Promotes organic production: Reduces dependency on pesticides.
  • Enhances citrus production: Prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties.
  • UV Protection: Reduces the risk of crop sunburn.
  • Environmentally friendly: Crafted from eco-conscious materials.

Product Specifications

  • Code: YBT60 (Standard Type)
  • Thread Size: 0.22mm
  • Mesh Size: 4.5×1.5mm
  • Weight: 60g/m2
  • Density: 15%
  • Available Colors: Crystal, Black, Green
  • Seamless Max Width: 6m
  • UV Treatment: 650KLY
  • Warranty: 5 years

Drop Netting Ideal Applications

  • Apple and Pear Growers: Shield your fruits from hail, sunburn, birds, and bats to avoid losses and increase yield.
  • Seedless Citrus Growers: Our drape net prevents cross-pollination, ensuring seedless production.
  • Cherry and Grape Farmers: Protect your cherries against bird threats to increase production.
  • General Protection: Ideal for covering fruits and vegetables against environmental damage.

Trust INSONSHADE’s Drape Netting for comprehensive, eco-friendly crop protection. Whether it’s guarding your cherries against birds in Australia and Chile or enabling seedless citrus production, we’ve got you covered.

Anti hail net against birds and insects
Anti hail net against birds and insects
Anti hail for orchards, Drape over Netting
Anti hail for orchards, Drape over Netting



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