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Bee Netting Grapes, Citrus & Orange – Fruits Protecting Netting-YBN50

YSNetting Bee Netting? provide natural protection for fruit trees, against bees, birds, bats, possums, and insects, including fruit fly and codling moths. Environmentally friendly, it avoids wasting money on harmful chemical sprays, bird scarers, ultrasonic devices, or baits, which is ideal for organic fruit production.we are professional citrus netting suppliers,manufacturers and us get good price.


YSNetting aims to be one of the industry leaders for bee netting fabric wholesale in China. Our innovative Flexi-weave pattern has the highest exclusion rate at the longest life span, making it the best solution for growers who desire to keep seeds out of their fruit.

Available in widths up to 10 meters (NO SEWING), our netting with easily drape over any field. Our machine applies and removes the netting quickly and cost-effectively, making it extremely labor efficient.

Why You Should Use Bee Netting for Fruit Trees?

To stop cross-pollination, resulting in seedless oranges, protect your investment and get the best value for your crop.

Why Produce Seedless Oranges & Citrus?

Greater value, improving the return of your crop. Cross-pollination by bees in citrus crops causes seeds in easy-peel oranges.

Bee Netting Features

  • Material: UV Stabilised 100% Virgin High-Density Polyethylene. Tolerance in the expressed values +/- 6%
  • Colors: Transparent, white, black.etc
  • Size: 3x100m, 6x100m, 8x100m, 14.5x100m, etc.
  • Weight: 55gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, etc
  • Warranty: 5 years,10 years

Technique Datasheet

Type of product: Woven Fabric
Material: Polyester
Features: Cold-resistant, Anti-Mildew, UV resistant, FR (NFPA701,B1,M2
Color: Black/White
Roll Width Size: customized
Roll Length: 50m,100m or customized
Fabric Type Mesh Size Clour Weight(gsm) UV treatment
Reinforced Selvage Width(m) Length(m)
Monofilament 4×1.8mm or customized Transparent/black 50 650kly cm 1-10m 50-100
Monofilament 4×1.8mm or customized Transparent/black 60 650kly 5cm 1-10m 50-100
Monofilament 4×1.8mm or customized Transparent/black 70 650kly 5cm 1-10m 50-100
citrus tree netting
citrus tree netting
Bee Netting for Citrus Trees
Bee Netting for Citrus Trees


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