Green Shade Net [30% - 90%]

Composed of HDPE material, this green shade net fabric is durable, has strong UV stability, and offers 30% to 90% shading rate. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is widely used in agriculture, construction, and other fields.

All shade nets are produced by our INSONSHADE factory in China, and we offer free samples and competitive factory wholesale prices for bulk purchases. And accept OEM, ODM, and customized production orders.

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Protecting your agricultural investments, building projects, or outdoor spaces from harmful sun rays becomes a breeze with our green shade nets. As a multi-purpose solution, these nets have transformed the way we handle sunlight exposure, temperature control, and protection against environmental elements. With a focus on durability and effectiveness, INSONSHADE green shade nets have been designed to provide the highest level of sun protection while also ensuring long-term usability.

Green Shade Nets - Shade Rate


  1. Solid and durable: Woven from high-strength black flat monofilament, the high shade rate green shade net has smaller wind resistance compared to other products, stronger wind resistance, and provides protection against rain, snow, and hail, thus reducing harm to plants, people, and buildings.
  2. Long lifespan: UV, anti-ultraviolet, and antioxidant formulas are added to the product to increase its lifespan. Moreover, it resists both acidic and alkaline chemicals, preventing fading, and mildew, and maintaining strength. Under natural conditions, INSONSHADE provides a 5-year quality guarantee, but the actual lifespan can exceed 10 years.
  3. Effective cooling, UV resistance, and heat radiation reduction: We offer green shade nets with shade rates varying from 30% to 90%. In summer, it can reduce the temperature by 3~4℃ and reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays to crops. In winter, it can reduce the radiation of heat from the greenhouse to the outside, minimizing frost damage.
  4. The standard width of the green shade cloth roll is 4.3 meters, but our Chinese factory accepts customized production for large orders, so adjustments can be made in color, shade rate, and cloth roll width to meet custom requirements.
  5. For large orders, we provide free samples. Interested partners can contact us for more information.


This green shade net is widely used in agriculture, greenhouses, and the construction industry. It mainly serves as a shade, protecting plants, people, and buildings from direct sunlight and preventing moisture from evaporating too quickly. In the construction field, it also plays a role in wind and dust prevention. Some farmers also use green shade nets as tree netting to prevent birds from damaging fruits.

  • Green House construction
  • Tea Clone Nurseries
  • Nursery Net
  • Anti Bird Net
  • Well Net
  • Car Parking Net
  • Tent House
  • Construction Safety Net
  • Decoration Net
  • Fencing Net
  • Horticulture
  • Floriculture

shade net for debris netting

 green house net

90% green shade net for carport shades

shade net house


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