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High quality greenhouse cliamte screens&HDPE Shade Cloth Manufacturer Factory – Taizhou Yingsheng Goods & Materials Co., Ltd

Greenhouse Net/Green Shade Net/Sun Shade Net

Green shade Nets from YSnetting which offer protection from sunlight and different harsh surrounding conditions. Made from Virgin HDPE and added UV stabilizers, due to these Shade Nets are extremely durable and very long lasting.therefore With multiple protective features STORMTEX Shade cloth find extensive usage in Agriculture, Horticulture,Construction sites and other general purpose shading. INSONSHADE,as a reliable green house net suppliers,manufacturer and factory.all of our greenhouse shade cloth will be 5years us custom your greenhouse cloth  in competitive price.


Our green shade Net is made from high-quality 100% Virgin High-Density Polyethylene with stable UV treatment.therefore it can ensure the Garden Netting to last long. Due to fabric is UV stabilized to resist fading and retain material strength, resistant to Mold &  various shade density customiozed. gereraly speaking,75% sun blockage rating is the perfect amount for plants, reducing the overall UV rays, heat and wind to help reduce water usage. The green shade cloth blocks sun from burning plants in hot summer, protects your plants from being overwhelmed by direct sun in spring/summer months, Protects your fruit/tree/crops from bird intruders.ideal for garden and green house shading project.



  • Green Shade Net made from virgin HDPE with UV stabilizers.
  • Pattern:Tape filament&mono filament knitted.
  • Rust Proof. Strong, Durable, Tear free & Flexible.
  • To provide uniform shadow & to control air movement in greenhouses & nurseries.Economical, Easy to Fix and can be cleaned with water & reusable.
  • Offered with shade percentages varying from 30% to 90%.
  • Nomal weight is 60gsm,90gsm,130gsm.accept customized.
  • Any size we accept bulk customized.


Density Range:


Application of green shade net:

Green House construction
Tea Clone Nurseries
Nursery Net
Anti Bird Net
Well Net
Car Parking Net
Tent House
Construction Safety Net
Decoration Net
Fencing Net

Construction Safety Net                                                                  Green House construction                                                      carport shades

shade net for debris netting green house net 90% green shade net for carport shades

shade net for house net

shade net house



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