Paintball Netting with 8 Years Lifespan

INSONSHADE specializes in producing top-quality paintball netting and netting systems designed to offer superior protection for your paintball field. We accept bulk custom orders at factory-direct prices, providing both raw paintball netting material and finished products. As a trusted supplier, manufacturer, and factory, we offer competitive pricing. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

  • HDPE with excellent UV resistance and durability.
  • Meets ASTM F2184 testing standards for safety.
  • Weights from 160g/㎡ to 220g/㎡, customizable.
  • Height from 6′ to 20′ and length up to 300′.
  • Flame retardant options, lifespan up to 10 years.

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INSONSHADE manufactures ultra-durable paintball netting and netting systems to provide robust protection for your paintball field.

Our primary focus is to create protective nets that prevent paintballs from penetrating while breaking them down into smaller fragments upon impact. INSONSHADE’s knitted paintball safety netting is crafted from UV-stabilized virgin resin, ensuring longevity and durability.

INSONSHADE paintball netting meets the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F2278-03) standards, guaranteeing the safety of players and spectators. Our paintball nets are available in heights ranging from 6 feet to 20 feet to accommodate various needs. We also offer customization options for different sizes and colors upon request.

Our Paintball Netting Features

  • Material: knitted high-density polyethylene with excellent UV resistance
  • Testing Standard: ASTM F2184
  • Fabric Weight: 160/㎡;180g/㎡;200g/㎡;220g/㎡ or customized
  • Available Height Size: 6′,8′,10′,12′,20′
  • Available Length Size: 100′,200′,300′
  • We supply Raw Netting unfabricated & completed netting.
  • Provide flame retardant paintball net or no flame retardant netting.
  • 8-10 Year Outdoor Life Span, 5 years warranty.

Our Paintball Netting Gallery

30% shade rate paintball netting

40% shade rate paintball netting

50% shade rate paint ball netting

60% shade rate paintball netting


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