Greenhouse Climate Thermal Screen

INSONSHADE produces the most cost-effective greenhouse climate screens (thermal curtains) to enhance the growing conditions for your or your customers’ vegetables, flowers, and other plants. These screens are ideal for commercial greenhouses and play an essential role in the climate control system. (Accept bulk orders, OEM and ODM)

greenhouse climate thermal screen supplier

SCREENMAX Climate Screen Applications

for day-length-sensitive crops

Light Deprivation

reduce radiation losses

Energy Saving

energe saving

For Light Diffusion

keep greenhouse cool

For Flowers Growing

for shading

For Tomato Greenhouse

improve climate condition for greenhouse

Morden Commercial Greenhouse

spread lights to different directions

Sun Shading & Energy Saving

INSONSHADE’s SCREENMAX screen is specially designed for creating better climate conditions for growing your plants by controlling temperature, humidity, and UV radiation. It helps keep heat and radiation in a greenhouse during cold periods in the nighttime and prevents radiation and associated heat from entering the greenhouse during hot periods in the daytime, as well as controlling the income air flows and sunlight. 

SCREENMAX Popular Series

65% Greenhouse Aluminet Curtain - AS65

Aluminum Shading / Thermal Screen - AS Series

Aluminet shade cloth improved greenhouse energy. Shading by reflecting the sunlight to achieve more balanced growth and reduce radiation losses at night, hence preventing condensation from forming.

transparent energy saving screen - sic

Transparent Energy-Saving Screen - SES Series

SES series knitted with moisture regulating due to a refined acrylic yarn mesh. Highly transparent diffuse screen and spreads direct incoming light into different directions for maximum transmission of light.


Greenhouse Light Diffusion Screen – LDS series

White strip structure provides high-grade light diffusion actively scatters the sunlight to reach deeper and more evenly into the plant while reducing the risk for sensitive plants from overheating.

65% - Aluminum Reflective Screen for Commercial Greenhouse - ALS65

Greenhouse Aluminum Reflective Screen - ALS series

Aluminum strips reflect solar more effectively and decrease heat loss at night. More efficient energy-saving under any shading rate. Open structure effective cooling for greenhouse with roof ventilation.

Blackout Cover for Light-Deprivation Greenhouse - LRS A/B

Greenhouse Blackout Screen - LRS Series

For day-length-sensitive crops, such as medical marijuana and cannabis, the day length can be shortened artificially by means of shading. LRS greenhouse blackout material shading rate can be up to 99.9%.

75% Black & White Shade Curtain for Greenhouse - B/W75

Black and White Shade Screen - B/W Series

Also called the reflection sunlight screen. The white side can reflect high solar radiation and sunlight to keep cool. The black surface is for shading. The open structure allows sufficient airflow.

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INSONSHADE (Taizhou Yingsheng Goods & Materials Co., Ltd) is an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of high-quality sun-shading cloth, greenhouse climate curtains, and protective netting. We provide professional shade cloth & screen solutions for commercial, agricultural, greenhouse, and construction use.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

The shading cloth produced by their factory has better anti-ultraviolet function, beautiful and durable, high quality and low price, and the service attitude is particularly good.

    Myla Mcmanus
    Myla Mcmanus

    QA Tester (3rd-Party)

    We purchased plenty of construction screens, shading cloths and other protective materials from John. Their fabrics are more durable and can be used over and over again.

      Carlton Prentice
      Carlton Prentice

      Shade Cloth Wholesaler

      We produce a large number of greenhouse shading cloths that need to be wholesaled, and customize special solutions according to my specific needs, which is very worry-free.

        Betsy Schultz
        Betsy Schultz

        Shade Brand CEO

        They have rich production experience. And we have ordered products from this fabric company many times, and there are some different discounts for bulk wholesale.

          Beverley Allan
          Beverley Allan

          Distributor from Dubai

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