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Energy Saving Screen (Transparent) - SES

SCREENMAX TEXTILES Energy saving screen brings the maximum percentage of natural light for improving crop production and use the solar-infrared thermal insulation to save energy costs.


With Highly transparent characterized Energy saving screen by SCREENMAX TEXTILES’s unique woven technology .This makes the screens durable & strong and enables superior energy saving during the full life cycle of the screen.suitable for plants requiring full sun and a certain temperature.


  • Effectively reduce greenhouse heat loss, excellent for energy-saving.
  • Highly light permeability,its up to 88% .
  • Reduces the risk of crops being burned by excess direct light.
  • Block excessive infrared rays from entering the greenhouse.
  • The unique knitted structure of SIC transparent energy saving screen reduces condensation.


Greenhouse Internal use

Weight of fabric g/m2 :  72±5

Light transmission in sunlight:88%

Shading Rate : 12%

Energy Saving Rate: 43%

Shrinkage :  80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%

Warranty  :  600KLY/5 years inside greenhouse

Toxicity:    Without plant toxic elements

Raw material :   PET, Aluminum,Polyester

Width of the tapes:  4MM

Pattern: 2 Aluminum one open or 1 Aluminum  one transparent

Screen Width: 4.3M,5.3M or customized



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