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Energy Saving Screen (Transparent) - SES

Maximize your greenhouse potential with SCREENMAX’s energy-saving screen, featuring a 43% energy-saving rate, 88% light permeability, and innovative woven technology. This durable screen optimizes energy efficiency, ensures superior light transmission, and protects various plants and crops, making it the ideal solution for enhanced greenhouse performance and long-lasting results.


Seeking a robust and energy-efficient solution for your greenhouse? Look no further! SCREENMAX TEXTILES presents our exceptional transparent, energy-saving screen, designed with our innovative woven technology to optimize energy efficiency while safeguarding your crops, flowers, and various plant species.


  1. Optimize Energy Efficiency: Our screen significantly minimizes greenhouse heat loss, delivering outstanding energy savings.
  2. Exceptional Light Transmission: With a light permeability of up to 88%, our screen is ideal for sunlight-dependent plants and precise temperature control.
  3. Crop Protection: Our screen mitigates the risk of crop damage from excessive direct sunlight and prevents excessive infrared rays from entering the greenhouse.
  4. Condensation Control: The distinct knitted construction of our SES transparent energy-saving screen curbs condensation, maintaining a dry and healthy environment for your plants.


  • Crafted for interior greenhouse application, our screen boasts a fabric weight of 72±5 g/m2 and a shading rate of 12%.
  • Our screen provides an energy-saving rate of 43%, leading to long-term reductions in greenhouse energy expenses.
  • We back our screen’s longevity with a 600KLY/5-year warranty inside the greenhouse.
  • Our non-toxic screen comprises raw materials such as PET, aluminum, and polyester.
  • Featuring a tape width of 4mm, the screen presents patterns of either 2 aluminum, one open, or 1 aluminum, one transparent.
  • Our screen is available in widths of 4.3m, 5.3m, or can be tailored to accommodate your specific greenhouse requirements.


As specialists in delivering top-tier, cost-effective greenhouse covering materials to international greenhouse brands and wholesalers, we pride ourselves on customization. We provide OEM and ODM services to accommodate the distinct needs and specifications of our clients. Our China-based factory allows us to leverage low raw material and labor costs, rendering our products more affordable and competitive in the global market.

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