Blackout Cover for Light-Deprivation Greenhouse - LRS A/B

Elevate the environment inside your greenhouse with the SCREENMAX LRS A/B, expertly designed for total darkness and energy efficiency. This screen is an essential tool for growers who aim for the ultimate control over their plants’ light exposure.

  • Shading Rate: 100%
  • Energy Savings: 75%
  • Fabric Weight: 75±5 g/m²
  • Shrinkage: 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2000m²

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Basic Info

Feature Detail
Model LRS A/B
Application For Light Deprivation Greenhouses
Fabric Weight 75±5 g/m²
Night Light Transmission A mere 0.10%
Shading Rate A full 100%, ensuring complete darkness
Energy Savings A substantial 75%, reducing costs
Strip Width 4mm, crafted for resilience
Shrinkage Less than 1% after 2 hrs at 80°C, for lasting fit
Raw Materials Premium quality for minimal environmental impact

Why Choose the LRS A/B?

The LRS A/B blackout screen is a powerhouse in the SCREENMAX lineup, providing nearly perfect darkness for the most sensitive crops. With its superior blackout capabilities, this screen is a go-to for light-sensitive plants like cannabis, ensuring they grow just as nature intended, under your complete control.

Blackout cover for greenhouse - LRS A/B
Blackout cover for greenhouse – LRS A/B

Key Advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: Save on costs with materials that keep the warmth in when it’s cool and reflect heat when it’s hot.
  • Photoperiod Mastery: Guide your plants through their growth cycles by controlling the light they receive, day or night.
  • Built to Last: Durable materials mean your investment keeps working for you, season after season.

LRS Series at a Glance:

Find the perfect blackout screen for your greenhouse with our detailed LRS series specs:

Type Energy Saving Light Transmission Shading Rate Strip Width Shrinkage Weight
LRS A/B 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g
LRS A/B FR 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g
LRS B/B100 FR 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g

SCREENMAX leads the way in providing high-quality blackout screens that cater to a variety of greenhouse needs, ensuring you have the perfect light and temperature control for your crops.


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