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Greenhouse Blackout Screens - LRS A/B

The LRS A/B greenhouse blackout material is used to control the photoperiod, thereby increasing the yield and quality of production. It is necessary to have control over the greenhouse environment to achieve these results.


The single-layer blackout screen is used with supplemental lighting for plants that require additional light and scatter it more effectively. The aluminum side of the screen reflects sunlight. At night, the screen reduces heat loss from the crop, but the plant temperature will remain higher. The screen, made from a special knitted material, effectively prevents the formation of frost.

The double-layer LRS A/B darkening screens provide 99.9% blackout, which is suitable for the most sensitive crops such as cannabis, hemp, poinsettia, chrysanthemums, asters, gypsophila, and carnations. That is why it is commonly referred to as the “cannabis screen” or “medical marijuana screen.”

LRS A/B Greenhouse Blackout Screen Benefits:

  • Energy saving
  • Heat preservation
  • Photoperiod control

LRS A/B Greenhouse Blackout Screen Features:

  • 2 layers of greenhouse blackout material need sewing together with single-layer screens.
  • The upper layer is aluminum foil.
  • 99.9% light darkening.
  • Heat settled (pre-shrunk) and will shrink a maximal 1 % (80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%).

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