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Greenhouse Light Diffusion Screen - SIW60

Light diffusion screens Made with white strips structure provides high-grade light diffusion actively scatters the sunlight to reach deeper and more evenly into the plant .bring light to the plants from many angles.while reducing risk for sensitive plants from overheating.


Greenhouse light diffusion screen are widely used in commercial greenhouse as a way to limit the amount of direct sunlight that can disturb crops in the greenhouse.the closed structure of the scattering shade screens ensures a uniform distribution of light. The screen also allows better control of solar radiation and crop temperature, resulting in a better growing climate and higher yields.

White scattering shade screen includes open and closed structures, Open-hole structure facilitates ventilation.However,The closed structure’s white climate screen is conducive to energy saving and heat preservation in the greenhouse when it is used at night


Technical parameter

Type Energy savign screen% Light transmission in sunlight% shading rate width of strips(mm) Shrinkage% weight of sqm            (g/m2)
SIW60 20% 40% 60% 4  80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 60+/-5
SIW85 45% 15% 85% 4  80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 85+/-5




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