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Professional agricultural shade netting suppliers,shade net manufacturers and shade cloth rolls wholesale over 20years

INSONSHADE,one of agricultural shade cloth suppliers and manufacturers.we are professional focused on shade cloth wholesale and green shade net manufacturing and supplying more than 20years,the main of our business about greenhouse net manufacturing and shade cloth rolls wholesale,all our knitted shade cloth manufactured by High-quality raw materials with stable UV a reliable shade netting suppliers,we promise all sun shade nets will be 5-10years warranty according to different product series.So far we have served customers in more than 30 countries.

We supply various types of shade cloth(HDPE). its cost will be slightly lower than the Aluminet shade cloth.INSONSHADE’s premium shade cloth is made from UV protected polyethylene with heat treatment which gives the fabric superior strength and durability. The special knitted design allows the fabric to be cut to any length while ensuring against ripping, tearing, and fraying. INSONSHADE’s offers top-quality shade cloth in a variety of colors and shade factors. According to different input budgets. Our engineer will manufacture different shade ratios as the knitting process and weight per square meter.

What Percentage Shade Cloth Should I Use?

Generally speaking, the greenhouse shade cloth shade percentage should typically be 50-60%, and can both keep greenhouse cool and increase crops production. Shade-loving plants like orchids & ferns do better with a higher shading percentage (75%), & heat-tolerant plants prefer a lower percentage (30-40%).

Before choosing a shade cloth, ensure what plants you will grow. Different types of plants need different amounts of sunlight to thrive, so pick the shade net that’s right for what you are planting.INSONSHADE offers three kinds of shade cloth for agriculture or greenhouse. That is tape+ mono filament shade nets , mono filament knitted shade cloth and tape&tape knitted shade cloth.

Greenhouse shade cloth

Features of green house net:

  • Durability Material – manufactured of High Density Polyethylene(HDPE). Knitted construction resists tearing and fraying
  • The 90% garden shading cloth common weight is 150gsm. accept customized.
  • The width size is 0.5-6m. any length size. other width need customized.
  • The agricultural shade netting,black greenhouse netting heat treatment,will be stable need worry size shrinkage problem
  • Reliable UV Treatment,Stable anti-aging ability
  • Save summer garden – Keeps vegetable garden and greenhouse cooler.
  • Protects plants from direct sunshine.
  • Offered Semi-finished orchard netting and finished garden shade cloth after cutting and sewing.
shade net mono

Shade net knitted by mono filament& tape yarn

Features of green house shade net:

1.Knitted by Mono filament&tape yarn.

2.More stronger Lock-stitch  structure design helps prevent unraveling.

3.Highly shade rate for protection your crops.

4.Reliable UV Treatment,Stable anti-aging ability

mono and tape

knitted shade cloth(tape&tape knitted shade cloth)

Features of knitted shade cloth

1.         Made from 100% virgin high density polyethylene with stable UV treatment

2.         Blocks out  sunlight and reduces heat buildup in shade house or tunnel

3.         8 year lifetime Use under normal conditions of use without human intervention

4.         Environmentally friendly materials,Naturally rot and mildew proof

5.         Breathable Fabric – keep the air fresh and allow hot air to be pushed out of shade fabric, and water drops through. Easily clean with a garden hose

6.         Tough Lock-stitch material resists tears, punctures and unraveling

7.         Lightweight and High density knitted Polyethylene

8.         Resistant to a range of agricultural chemicals, sprays and detergents

9.         Lock-stitch design helps prevent unraveling

10.     Lightweight with high tensile strength.

tape shade cloth all

What other applications can shade cloth be used for besides cooling in agricultural field?

INSONSHADE’s Shade cloth is extremely versatile and has an endless array of uses. Common applications include shade material comes in multiple shade densities and can be used for applications such as livestock housing, poultry buildings, greenhouses, hoop structures, barns, kennels, canopies, and more. Shade fabric helps protects livestock, pets, plants, and people from direct sunlight and works well as a carport, privacy barrier, fence or windscreen.

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