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Unexpected hailstorms can damage your crops, fruit,fruit tree, shoots, and limbs. The extent of the injury usually depends on the size and shape of the hail and the duration of the event. Injury can range from torn or shredded leaves and small dents that don’t break the fruit skin to effects so severe that an entire crop is lost due to physical damage. INSONSHADE,as a agricultural hail netting suppliers and manufacturers.we offer multifunctional anti hail net for your garden and  vineyards, orchards and other plants.this net is multipurpose.this anti hail net is multipurpose based on a unique sturdy structure, some grower also use for prevent birds damages  fruit and crops.this is different from other hail netting suppliers in the market.

Raschel Hail Netting

Bee Netting

Leno Hail Netting

Diamond bird netting

Anti hail net

anti hail net
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anti hail net 2
hail netting for garden

Drape orchard hail netting - Protect your vineyard & orchard

INSONSHADE,commercial grade vineyard netting suppliers and anti hail netting for gardens supplier .they are supplying drape nets for citrus or grape vines  in orchard or garden.Bee netting keeps birds away from your fruit,it can protecting your crops from hail, birds,bats, sunburn, wind damage & specific insects . In seedless citrus growing.bee netting stops bee’s from pollinating flowers.

anti bee netting
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Who use drape orchard hail net?

Seedless citrus farmer- Bee Netting

 They use our bee neting prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus

Vineyard grower- Vineyard Netting

Grape growers are using our nets to mitigate losses from we are anti bird netting suppliers too. 

Cherry Grower- Bird Netting

Chile and Australia cherry grower always use our netting for anti birds.

Apple & Pear farmer-anti hail net or apple tree net

They use for protection against hail, sunburn, birds & bats.

Technical parameter of drape hail net

CodeWire Dia        (mm)Mesh size (mm)    Weight                  (g/m2)      Available color         Seamless Max.                    Width(m)Ideal for
YBT600.22  4.5×1.5        60crystal, black           ,green                  6mLightweight,non-structured drape hai netting

Fruit tree netting

anti hail net for apple tree

This Apple tree net are knitted according to the leno-technique. That means the warp threads are twisted in the shape of an eight. It causes them to be less elastic which makes them stronger and more durable.


  • Weight of hail nets:45g/m2,60g/m2,90g/m2.
  • Width: 2x50m/roll, 3x50m/roll, 4x50m/roll
  • Mesh size:3x8x8
  • Available Colors: Transparent,white or black.


  • Strongly Knitted structure tear resistance & appropriate elasticity to withstand heavy loads of hail stones
  • lightweight,easy to carry.Cost-effective & labour-saving.
  • Made from Eco-friendly raw materials.
  • Due to we are anti hail net suppliers,manufacturers and factory. support custom mesh specification, color & dimension according to your crops.
  • Long life service time,made from virgin high-density polyethylene with UV treated
  • Relatively large mesh size,allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons.
anti hail net

Leno Woven Hail Netting

anti hail net for gardens

INSONSHADE ‘s Leno woven hail netting are fabricated with polyethylene materials, generally applied in protective shelter.Anti Hail Net protects crops throughout the year to avoid damage caused by hail, birds and other attacks. It is ideal for crops such as apple tree,vineyard,and vegetables, saplings, and owers.



  • lightweight,easy for carry and installed.
  • Durable:Woven from sturdy Leno structure,UV stabilized for longer durability.
  • Translucent for a minor light impact
  • Economical:Can be placed on simple support structures need too much additional investment. 
leno hail netting suppliers,manufacturers and factory


 No.Hole SizeWire DiaWeightWidthLengthColor
48257×4mm0.25mm40g/m24m100/200m crystal,black

Anti bird net&orchard netting

Vrchard netting,anti birds netting manufacturers&suppliers

Anti Bird Netting Systems are based on our orchard netting system,that can protect the fruits from insects,birds,hail,and other small animals.

We are various kinds of orchard netting,bird control netting suppliers and order to insure your harvest and protect the crops or fruits from damages.Use fruit tree bird netting is a flexible way to protect your fruit from flying creatures and hungry squirrels, and it allows light and air to circulate.Besides birds, our Grape Tree Netting System can keep chickens and other small animals from stealing your fruit as well. It can be used to cover more than just trees.Our Vineyard Netting  is made from virgin polyethylene with stable UV treatment,that can guarantee the hailstorm can’s flow into even in bad weather.

Vineyards can be protected in a number of ways depending on the individual needs of the grower.We offer solutions for crop protection with a variety of products and methods.


  • Rachel Knitted polyethylene with UV stabilized
  • Mesh size:1*1 cm ,1.5*1.5 cm , 2*2 cm 
  • Lightweight: 30g/m2 ,35g/m2 ,40g/m2 ,45g/m2
  • package width:1-6m
  • Package length :100m,200m
  • Life Expectancy of 5+ years
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