Aluminet Thermal Screen Material for Greenhouse – ALS Series

YSNetting aluminum thermal screen has a mirror reflection effect for your greenhouse, which can control n light and temperature to let your crops grow evenly and in a wonderful climate. We accept OEM and Wholesale. Contact us for the details and the latest factory price.

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The greenhouse thermal screen is woven into a precise uniform texture. And it uses special anti-oxidation UV coating material, which improves durability. The high reflectivity prevents your plants and flower from frost hazards.

It is a high-reflectivity aluminum-plated shading fabric. Compared with the traditional black shading cloth, it provides a cool and alternating shading environment. Reflecting the strong IR radiation of the sun, and it’s reported that the temperature in aluminum screen is double-digit higher than the black shade cloth used before.

Flower Greenhouse Made with Aluminet Thermal Screen 2
Flower Greenhouse Made with Aluminet Thermal Screen
Flower Greenhouse Made with Aluminet Thermal Screen
Flower Greenhouse Made with Aluminet Thermal Screen

Our Aluminum Thermal Screen Features

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent energy saving
  • Highest light transmittance
  • Optimal humidity transmission
  • Anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant (NFPA701, B1, M2 5 years warranty
  • Temperature control
  • Natural light management
  • Color and weight can be customized

Technique Datasheet for Our Aluminum Screen

Product Category: Woven fabric
material: Aluminum foil
Features: Cold-resistant, anti-fungal, anti-ultraviolet
color: silver
Roll paper width size: 4.3m, 5.3m or customized
Roll length: 50m, 100m or customized
Serial number Weight (gsm) Shadow rate Energy saving Shrinkage Bar width Tear strength weft
1 piece 155 55% 15% ≤1 4 mm 145N / 5cm
2 158 65% 20% ≤1 4 mm 150N / 5cm
3 160 75% 25% ≤1 4 mm 168N / 5cm
4 165 85% 28% ≤1 4 mm 185N / 5cm
5 170 95% 31% ≤1 4 mm 200N / 5cm
6 180 99% 36% ≤1 4 mm 210N / 5cm


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