Light-Deprivation Greenhouse Cover - LRS B/B100 FR

Transform your greenhouse’s productivity with SCREENMAX’s LRS B/B100 FR. This top-tier, dual-layer blackout screen is meticulously engineered to provide total darkness and remarkable energy efficiency for growers who need the best environmental control.

  • Shading Rate: 100%
  • Energy Savings: 75%
  • Shrinkage: Minimal, 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
  • Flame Retardant: Certified to NFPA 701
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 2000m²

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Basic Info

Feature Specification Benefit
Dual-Layer System 2 layers, requires sewing with single-layer screens Enhances light control and insulation
Upper Layer Aluminum foil Reflects light, contributing to energy savings
Light Darkening 99.9% Provides complete darkness for sensitive crop cycles
Material Stability Heat settled, minimal shrinkage Maintains structural integrity after installation
Flame Retardancy NFPA 701 certified Adds a layer of safety to your greenhouse operation
Strip Width 4mm Ensures durability and effective coverage
Weight 75±5g per square meter Optimal weight for ease of handling and installation
Energy Saving Rate 75% Reduces energy consumption significantly
Light Transmission 0.10% at night Virtually eliminates light penetration
Shading Rate 100% Ensures the required darkness for photoperiod control
Shrinkage ≤ 1% (after 2 hrs at 80°C) Guarantees consistent coverage with minimal size alteration

Why Opt for LRS B/B100 FR?

This screen is the ultimate ally for growers targeting specific crop cycles, especially for highly light-sensitive plants. It’s not just a barrier against light—it’s a robust tool for creating the perfect growing conditions while ensuring safety against fire hazards.

Light deprivation greenhouse - LRS B/B100 FR
Light deprivation greenhouse – LRS B/B100 FR

Key Benefits:

  • Superior Darkness: Perfect for photoperiod-sensitive crops needing undisturbed darkness.
  • Energy Cost Savings: Keep your greenhouse warm in the cold and cool in the heat, all while saving on energy.
  • Safety First: Flame retardant for an added layer of protection, ensuring peace of mind.

Usually need to be used with other screens: such as LRS A/B + LRS B/B, LRS W/B + LRS B/B

LRS Series at a Glance:

Find the perfect blackout screen for your greenhouse with our detailed LRS series specs:

Type Energy Saving Light Transmission Shading Rate Strip Width Shrinkage Weight
LRS A/B 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g
LRS A/B FR 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g
LRS B/B100 FR 75% 0.10% 100% 4mm ≤ 1% 75±5g

SCREENMAX leads the way in providing high-quality blackout screens that cater to a variety of greenhouse needs, ensuring you have the perfect light and temperature control for your crops.


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