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Greenhouse Blackout Screens - LRS B/B100 FR

SICB B/B100 FR black out screens use for control photoperiod ,Increasing the yield and quality of production you need control over your greenhouse environment.


The LRS B FR single-layer greenhouse blackout screen shortens daylight hours, controls the photoperiod, and saves energy in heated structures. It has excellent darkening ability. These Darkening Screens are breathable and allow sufficient vapor to pass through the screen to prevent condensation on the underside of the screen surface and to prevent water drips.

The double-layer LRS B/B100 FR darkening screens provide 99.9% blackout which is suitable for the most sensitive crops such as cannabis, hemp, poinsettia, chrysanthemums, asters, gypsophila, and carnations. That is why they are commonly referred to as “cannabis screens” or “medical marijuana screens.”

Usually need to be used with other screens: such as LRS A/B + LRS B/B, LRS W/B + LRS B/B

LRS B/B100 FR benefits:

  • Energy saving
  • Heat preservation
  • Photoperiod control

LRS B/B100 FR Features:

  • 2 layers blackout screens need sewing together with single-layer screens.
  • The upper layer is aluminum foil.
  • 99.9% light darkening.
  • Heat settled (pre-shrunk) and will shrink a maximal 1 % (80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%).
  • Flame Retardant level screens: NFPA 701.
  • width of strips(mm): 4mm.
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