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Thermal Screen For Greenhouse-AAS100

AAS100 thermal screen using for the side walls of a greenhouse. Highly reflects sunlight and heat away from the greenhouse.Greenhouse climate screens are made with aluminum and transparent strips, woven with polyester yarns. horticulture energy screen use for managing greenhouse climate and shading at inside greenhouse.The pure aluminum laminate used in SCREENMAX thermal screens is an excellent material for insulation and energy saving in your greenhouse.



AAS100 reflective  screen use for side of horticulture greenhouse .horticulture energy screen are comprised of polyester film strip, aluminum strip for securing filament structure. The aluminum strips reflect over 90% of the solar radiation. The number of aluminum strips determines shading efficiency and ventilation capacity of the aluminet shade curtain, as the hot air flowing through the aluminum strip. With YSNETTING shade screens it is possible to reflex radiation and high temperatures during the day. reducing radiation energy losses at night.


Technical parameter of  horticulture shade screen

Weight of fabric g/m2  : 80±5

Light transmission in sunlight:  5%

Shading Rate  : 95%

Energy Saving Rate  70%

Heat preservation:36%

Pattern:5 Aluminum one open or 5 Aluminum  one transparent

Width of the tapes  4MM

Shrinkage   80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%

Warranty    600KLY/5 years inside greenhouse

Toxicity    Without plant toxic elements

Raw material:    PET, Polyester ,Aluminum

Internal Aluminet Thermal Screen|horticulture energy screen
100% thermal shading Screens
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