Dual Color HDPE Shade Fabric - 340gsm

Different from other INSONSHADE commercial fabrics. COLARO fabric is truly unique in both its aesthetic and performance. Two different color yarns are combined to create a single fabric. providing premium biaxial stability, and tensile properties, for minimal maintenance, and improved fabric life.


YSnetting’s dual colour knit pattern creates a high performing fabric with a unique aesthetic

Maximum durability achieved through use of high quality, UV-stabilised, monofilament and tape yarns joined by a lock-stitch knit pattern

  • Material: HDPE with stable UV
  • Size: 3x40m
  • UV Block: Up to 93%
  • Fabric Weight: 340gsm
  • Breaking Force:warp 1300N(5/cm) weft:1100N(5/cm)
  • Tear strength:warp 300N(5/cm)  weft:210N (5/cm)
  • Bursting pressure:3500kpa
  • Heat setting, ensure shrinkage≤1
  • Stable &Resisent UV protection
  • 10 years warranty
  • Stable color fastness
  • Strong virgin HDPE will not absorb moisture


Color Range:

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