Greenhouse Shade & Thermal Curtains -AS65

Greenhouse aluminum thermal curtain AS65, designed with aluminum strips and transparent polymer, optimizes greenhouse climate by providing effective shading and energy savings.

  • Shading Rate: 65%
  • Energy Saving Rate: 60%
  • Shrinkage: ≤ 1%
  • For Wholesale, OEM, ODM

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The greenhouse shade and thermal curtain AS65 is meticulously crafted from aluminum foil strips and transparent polymer, making it a superior choice for greenhouse climate control. Its advanced design ensures efficient sunlight reflection, providing notable energy savings and minimizing heat loss at night. The AS65 particularly benefits commercial greenhouses, enhancing crop quality and yield.

As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of shade curtains, we guarantee top-notch quality with a 5-year warranty. The AS65 curtain helps maintain optimal greenhouse conditions by evenly distributing sunlight, reducing condensation, and improving ventilation. This versatile curtain suits various climates and offers up to 60% energy savings in different structural configurations.

Wholesale buyers can benefit from our OEM and ODM services for tailored solutions. The AS65 greenhouse thermal curtain is a wise investment for boosting productivity and plant health.

Product Specifications

Specification Detail
Greenhouse Interior Use
Fabric Weight (g/m²) 72±5
Shading Rate 65%
Light Transmission in Sunlight 35%
Energy Saving Rate 60%
Shrinkage (80°C, 2hrs) ≤ 1%
Warranty 600 KLY/5 years for greenhouse interior use
Toxicity Without plant toxic elements
Raw Material PET, Polyester, Aluminum
Width of Tapes 4mm
Pattern 2 Aluminum, 1 Open or 2 Aluminum, 1 Transparent
Screen Width 4.3m, 5.3m, or customized
Package 4.3x300m/roll, 5.3x500m/roll with white woven bag
Support The steel tube in the center of the roll



aluminum shade cloth

aluminet shade net

AS Series Specifications

Explore the variety within the SCREENMAX Aluminum Series to find the perfect fit for your greenhouse needs:

Type Energy Saving Rate Light Transmission in Sunlight Shading Rate Width of Strips (mm) Shrinkage Weight per sqm (g/m²)
AS55 58% 45% 55% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 72±5
AS55V-OEN 20% 48% 52% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 72±5
AS65 60% 35% 65% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 72±5
AS65V-OEN 25% 40% 60% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 72±5
AS75 67% 25% 75% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5
AS75V-OEN 30% 30% 70% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5
AS85 68% 21% 86% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5
AS85V-OEN 32% 14% 86% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5
AS95 70% 10% 90% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5
AS100 70% 5% 95% 4 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1% 80±5

SCREENMAX continues to innovate, offering a range of aluminum greenhouse screens to cater to the diverse needs of modern horticulture and agriculture, ensuring optimal light, temperature, and humidity control for your greenhouses.


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