Greenhouse Thermal Curtains | Climate Screen - AS95

Greenhouse thermal curtains are made with aluminum and transparent strips, woven with polyester yarns. greenhouse energy curtains use for managing greenhouse climate and shading at inside greenhouse.The pure aluminum laminate used in SCREENMAX screens is an excellent material for insulation and energy saving in your greenhouse.

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  • AS95 greenhouse shade curtains can work properly for shading by reflecting the sunlight to cooling during the day, reducing radiation losses at night, hence preventing condensation forming.
  • SCREEN MAX Make sunlight onto and into your crops more evenly resulting in healthier and more uniform crops that grow faster.
  • Saving energy at night. It can offers considerable decreases in heat loss from the crops while the greenhouse curtain is closed at night and the plant temperature will stay higher.
  • Open structure improves ventilation in greenhouses.
  • Weight of fabric g/m2  : 80±5
  • Light transmission in sunlight :  10%
  • Shading Rate : 90%
  • Energy Saving Rate  70%
  • Pattern:5 Aluminum one open or 5 Aluminum  one transparent
  • Width of the tapes  4MM
  • Shrinkage   80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
  • Warranty    600KLY/5 years inside greenhouse
  • Toxicity    Without plant toxic elements
  • Raw material    PET, Polyester ,Aluminum
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