Leno Hail Netting - Anti Hail Netting - YCT60/70

Experience the best of crop protection with INSONSHADE’s Leno Hail Netting, uniquely woven on flat looms using stabilized threads for optimal hail defense. The reinforced edges ensure resilience against strong winds, maintaining secure installation under any condition.

Catering to various crop and climate requirements, our netting comes in different weave patterns and colors. Trust in INSONSHADE, a reputable China Agro fabric manufacturer, to provide cost-effective and superior hail net solutions tailored to your needs.

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Experience unparalleled crop protection with INSONGSHADE’s Leno Hail Netting. Manufactured from 100% virgin UV-stabilized HDPE monofilament, our Leno hail nets guarantee high-quality performance and longevity. The interlocking leno weave pattern ensures precise squares, promoting flexibility, lightness, and strength, making it suitable for horizontal installations that allow seamless machinery passage.

Our netting requires only a simple support frame and features robust lock-stitch construction, ensuring durability and resilience. Mindful of our planet, the materials used in our netting are eco-friendly. The netting is also adept at reducing wind damage, ensuring your crops remain safe and secure. We offer custom hail netting systems with varying mesh sizes to cater to specific needs, including apple orchards.

Leno Hail Netting Specifications

  • Reinforced Loops: Positioned around edges and in the middle for efficient fixing
  • Mesh Size: Available in 3x5mm and 2x4mm
  • Shade Factor: 14%, 15%
  • Length: Options of 100m, 150m, or 200m
  • Width: 5m

Available Types

Parameters YCT60 YCT70
Thread Size (mm) 0.3 0.32
Mesh Size (mm) 3×5 2×4
Weight (g/m2) 60 70
Density 14% 15%
Available Colors Crystal, White, Black Crystal
Max Width (m) 5m (Seamless) 5m (Seamless)
UV Treatment 650KLY 650KLY
Warranty 3-5 Years 3-5 Years


  • Hail Protection: Ideal for protecting fruits and vegetables against hail, sunburn, birds, and bats.
  • Seedless Citrus Production: Prevents cross-pollination in seedless citrus varieties, often referred to as ‘bee netting’.
  • Pest Control: Ideal for protecting cherries against pests like birds, as used in Australia and Chile.
  • Versatile Use: Can be laid directly on crops or over garden hoops and cages.
  • Bird Protection: Widely used by grape farmers to mitigate losses from bird invasions.
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Hail netting against birds and some insects
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