High Transparent Greenhouse Climate Screen Mesh

YSNetting offers a complete solution of transparent greenhouse screen mesh. Our unique woven technology makes the screens durable & strong and enables superior energy saving during the full life cycle of the screen. By offering both knitted and woven screens, the choice is entirely up to the grower on how to manage his greenhouse climate.

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For plants requiring full sun and a certain temperature; there are two common strategies: maximizing light permeability or maximizing energy saving; while optimizing light permeability. We offer climate screen solutions for both options.

Our climate screen enhances air humidity and is therefore the perfect screen to grow young plants or to fully steer the climate if there are other dehumidification options. Thanks to a unique treatment during the knitting process, this kind of screen has a light permeability of 90%.

On the other hand, our greenhouse screen can regulate moisture well with its refined acrylic yarn mesh, and it helps your plants acquire sunshine from multiply directions and prevent heat loss with the diffuse screen material.

Our Greenhouse Climate Screen Features

  • Durable & strong
  • Superior energy saving
  • Highest light permeability
  • Optimal humidity transport
  • UV resistant , FR (NFPA701,B1,M2,5 years warranty
  • Temperature control
  • Natural light management
Transparent Strip - Greenhouse Climate Screen - YES10
Transparent Strip – Greenhouse Climate Screen – SES


Type of product: Woven Fabric
Material: PET
Features: Cold resistant, Anti-Mildow,UV resistant , FR (NFPA701,B1,M2
Roll Width Size: 4.3m,5.3m or customized
Roll Length: 50m,100m or customized


Weight (gsm) Shade Rate Energy Saving Shrinkage Warranty Width of Strips
80 16% 47% ≤1 5years 4mm


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