Multifunctional Square Hail Netting - YZT70

This hail protection netting in square provides a physical effective protection against hailstorm for vineyards, pomegranate,apple garden and fruit orchards.

Compatible installations of Anti hail Net also protect crops from birds,strong wind and sun damage. INSONSHADE,as a reliable hail netting suppliers,manufacturer and factory.we only supply warranty quality anti-hail net .

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Unexpected hailstorms can damage your crops and plants.INSONSHADE,as a hail netting suppliers and manufacturers.we offer anti hail net for your garden and  vineyards, orchards and other plants.this net is multipurpose.this anti hail net is multipurpose based on a unique sturdy structure, some growner aslo use for prevent birds damages  fruit and crops.this is different from other hail netting suppliers in the market.


  • Strongly Knitted structure tear resistance & appropriate elasticity to withstand heavy loads of hail stones
  • lightweight,easy to carry.Cost-effective & labour-saving.
  • Made from Eco-friendly raw materials.
  • Support custom mesh specification, colour & dimension according to your crops.
  • Long life service time,made from virgin high-density polyethylene with UV treated
  • Relatively large mesh size,allowing maximum ventilation in hot seasons.

Data sheet

Thread size    (mm) Mesh size (mm) Weight             (g/m2) Density Available color Seamless Max.                   Width(m) UV treatment  warranty Ideal for
0.16 5×4 70 16% crystal,green 6m 650KLY 8years Tear resistance & appropriate elasticity to withstand heavy loads of hail stones


  • As apple & pear Growers,the main of effect  this net hail protection for garden is  protection against hail, sunburn, birds & bats.
  • Chile and Australia cherry growers use for protecting cherries against pests.
  • Europe grape growers are using anti hail net to losses from birds.


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