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YSNetting Scaffold Debris Netting Fabric is made from HDPE with UV & Flame resistance. It is light, ventilate to allow air and light through, and it can block wind, enclose the construction site and keep it clean.we are debris netting suppliers,manufacturers and factory.welcome to contact us get a competitive scaffold netting price.

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Safety Debris Netting is a 1/14” knitted mesh material commonly used for scaffolding enclosures, guardrail debris protection, windscreen, or shade cloths. ?

Our debris net is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum life expectancy. The knitted mesh design provides containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear-resistant.

Debris Netting rolls include finished hemmed edges with reinforced eyelet buttonholes for fastening allowing for an easy, safe, and secure installation. All netting rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. And all YSNetting nets will be tested and approved to meet the construction industry standards.

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  • Material: HDPE with UV treated
  • Flame Standard: Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2
  • Fabric Weight: 70/㎡90g/㎡;100g/㎡;110g/㎡;115g/㎡;120g/㎡;130g/㎡;155g/㎡;180/㎡;200/㎡;220/㎡;70/㎡;300/㎡
  • Width:’, 4′, 5’6″, 8’6″, 10’6″, 12′, 15′,17′
  • Length: 50′,300′


  • 1/4” mesh hole openings
  • Tear-resistant mesh netting
  • Remains flexible in cold weather climates
  • Lightweight, UV stabilized&long lasting





According to different use environments, we design different colors to meet your demand on the construction debris netting.

Scaffold Netting materials - Red
Scaffold Debris Netting Material – Red
Scaffold Netting materials - Orange
Scaffold Debris Netting Material – Orange
Scaffold Netting materials - Light Blue
Scaffold Debris Netting Material – Light Blue
Scaffold Netting materials - Blue
Scaffold Debris Netting Material – Blue
Scaffold Debris Netting Meterial - Black
Scaffold Debris Netting Material – Black


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