Greenhouse Thermal Screen (external) - ALS100

Thermal screen we usually call Aluminum reflective screen or Aluminum reflective net.made of composite aluminum strip and polyolefin knitted.YSNetting Thermal screen make solar reflection to cool soon. resulting in a considerable reduction of the air temperature even at high temperature during the daytime. It can provide considerable decreases in heat loss from the crops while the screen closed at night time and the crops temperature will keep higher.They provide an easy way to protect plants and meanwhile save your energy cost.

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Those 100% thermal screen  is constructed of  aluminum foil strip.use for reflection excess sunlight in greenhouse.Usually used on greenhouse side walls .
Thermal Reflective Screens  are the perfect flower and vegetable greenhouse improve the climate in the greenhouse
Benefit of thermal Reflective Screens
  • Rapidly reduce crops temperature
  • Energy Saving
  • Heat preservation
  • Breathable fabrics – Breathable mesh, air, light and water can pass slowly.
  • UV protection – Block 99% ultraviolet rays, provide enough shadow and reduce the temperature, create a cool area for crops.
  • Special Knitted structure resistant to tearing and abrasion.
Parameter of reflective aluminet Shade Cloth
  • Weight of fabric g/m2  : 80±5
  • Light transmission in sunlight :  1%
  • Shading Rate : 99%
  • Energy Saving Rate 70%
  • Pattern: 4Aluminum one open
  • Width of the tapes  4MM
  • Shrinkage   80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
  • Warranty    600KLY/5 years inside greenhouse
  • Toxicity    Without plant toxic elements
  • Raw material  61% Polyolefin, 39% Aluminum
Reflective Shade Cloths
Aluminum reflective net100%


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