Aluminet Shade Cloth (External) - ALS75

The ALS75, a reflective aluminet shade cloth from SCREENMAX, is designed in China for superior greenhouse external shading. It effectively balances light, temperature, and airflow, making it ideal for greenhouse use. Notable for blocking 75% of UV rays, the ALS75 aids in creating a cooler environment for crops.

  • 75% UV blockage for cooler crop conditions.
  • Saves 30% energy, enhancing cost-effectiveness.
  • Allows air and light to pass through.
  • 3mm aluminum strips, robust against wear.
  • MOQ 10 tons, OEM and ODM accepted.

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ALS75 Features

Feature Specification
Fabric Weight 80±5 g/m²
Light Transmission in Sunlight 25%
Shading Rate 75%
Energy Saving Rate 30%
Pattern Design 3 Aluminum strips and 1 open space
Width of the Tapes 4MM
Shrinkage Resistance ≤ 1% shrinkage at 80°C over 2 hours
Warranty 600KLY/5 years inside the greenhouse
Safety Free from plant-toxic elements
Materials 61% Polyolefin, 39% Aluminum

Overall Evaluation and Application Scope of ALS75

The ALS75, a highly reflective aluminet shade cloth, is a standout product for improving greenhouse environments. Its reflective aluminum net is specifically designed for external use, providing maximum airflow due to its open structure. The material and knitting are tailored for greenhouse conditions, offering benefits like rapid temperature reduction, energy savings, and enhanced heat preservation.

Particularly notable is its UV protection capability, blocking 75% of ultraviolet rays. This not only reduces temperature but also creates a more comfortable area for crops. The ALS75’s special knitted structure ensures durability, being resistant to tearing and abrasion.

The ALS75 is most suitable for greenhouses where controlling light and temperature is crucial. It’s an ideal choice for applications requiring a balance between sunlight exposure and shading, such as in vegetable cultivation, flower nurseries, and other sensitive crop production environments. Its breathable fabric ensures a healthy microclimate, making it an essential tool for modern, efficient greenhouse management.

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Aluminum reflective net for greenhouse – ALS75

Below is a detailed table of the ALS Series:

Type Energy Saving % Light Transmission % Shading Rate Width of Strips Shrinkage %
ALS65 25% 35% 65% 4mm 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
ALS75 30% 25% 75% 4mm 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
ALS85 35% 21% 79% 4mm 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
ALS100 70% 1% 99% 4mm 80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%


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