The Importance of Bird Netting for Fruit Trees

Bird Netting

There are various threats to a fruit-growing farm that could affect their harvest. Among them, birds and insects cause more damage to these fruits regularly as a major threat. And that is why many fruit growers around the world look for ways to avoid this since it can be costly. So one of those ways that are currently popular in this industry is the use of bird netting for fruit trees. Because many recommend this product as one of the best solutions to prevent any threat from these animals. But not many people are aware of this product in this industry. As a result, they are missing out on a great chance to reduce these threats and supply a great product to the market.

However, we will tell you all about what you need to know about bird netting for fruit trees. So going through this article you will find all the information about these nets. And it will surely convince you enough to buy them immediately for your fruit farms. Because the benefits have that much of an influence as a way to protect your harvest. But first, let’s get to know what these nets are specifically before we delve further.

What is a Bird Net?

Bird netting stops major crop damage caused by birds and pests. Because this is a net that you put over the trees or plants to prevent these animals. Doing so, these nets help fruit growers to avoid major crop destruction led by these animals. Therefore they will save a lot of money when it comes to each production cycle due to fewer damages. And this is why they have become a staple in the farming industry today since the benefits it brings are countless. So let’s find out some of these benefits that many fruit growers enjoy today.

Benefits of Bird Netting for Fruit Trees

image of bird netting for fruit trees implemented on a farm

1. Highly Effective

Bird netting is the most effective method to save your plants compared to its alternatives. Because it is much quicker to implement and you will see immediate results. Due to these facts, many fruit growers at a commercial level trust this prevention method over the others. For example, bird prevention spikes and wires can be really hard to implement and it will take a long time to see the results. So if you need a quick and effective solution for your farm, then you should go for bird netting for fruit trees. And it will help you to protect your harvest from day 1 as it is the most effective solution you can find.

2. Does not harm the birds

When it comes to the humane side of things related to this bird prevention method. This is the most humane one as it does not harm the bird at all. So you should not worry about the bird netting for fruit trees you will implement on your farms killing the birds or harming them. Unlike the bird nets, its alternatives like bird spikes and wires do harm the animals. And sometimes leads the animals to their deaths, so many consider them an inhumane solution when it comes to preventing birds on a farm. So bird netting is the ethical solution you should go for when it comes to bird prevention methods.

3. Affordable

Bird netting is much more effective and more affordable compared to its alternatives as well. Because the manufacturers use materials like polyethylene to create these netting which is cheaper but strong. And when it comes to implementing and maintaining the fruit growers won’t need to spend much compared to bird spikes and wires. Because bird netting for fruit trees has fewer maintenance costs almost nothing. Also, the implementation of bird netting is a smoother process since you need to just cover the plants. Because it does not need complex structures or buildings to hold them in one place. And you cannot find this maneuverability in other bird prevention methods.

4. Highly versatile

Bird netting is a highly versatile bird prevention method that is easy to implement in any way. So you can use it with a boxed structure similar to a hut or just throw it over the plants. And this versatility is one of the main factors that people look after when it comes to protecting their crops. Because some fruit growers might not have enough capital at once to go for permanent structures. But they can use the bird netting for fruit trees as a drape and get the same result for their crops. And this versatility is not found in many other bird prevention methods. Because most of the time they require special structures or buildings to be implemented on a farm.

5. High returns

With all the efficiency the bird netting for fruit trees brings for saving your crops from damages caused by birds can help you gain a lot of high returns in profits. And that is why you should not worry as a fruit grower and invest your money in bird netting. Because in the long run, it will help gain more profits than you can ever imagine. Since they are durable as a product, the bird netting you implement will last a long time. Therefore you will not have to replace them any time sooner and it will a lot of money. Since the maintenance costs are also, bird netting is the perfect solution for any fruit grower to get the best returns harvest-wise and investment-wise.

But to get all the benefits mentioned above in the list, you need to find the best bird netting on the market. Because if the netting is not manufactured well enough, then it will lose most of its qualities and the benefits it brings to the table. And that is why you need to consider some factors before you buy bird netting for fruit trees. So follow the below list that will help you get what you want!

4 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Bird Netting for Fruit Trees

image of a bird netting over a small vegetable farm

– Quality

The overall quality of the net should be of the highest quality to have any type of effect. So one way to measure this is by finding out what type of material is used to make the bird netting. Therefore materials like HDPE, polypropylene, and other similar ones have more effectiveness. Because they are durable and will last a long time compared to other materials. So they are the most suitable type of materials to make bird netting for fruit trees.

– Mesh Size

The next thing you need to consider is the mesh size. Because they come in different sizes that have specific effects for each bird species. So if you are planning to prevent damage from a specific bird species like pigeons, then you need to have a mesh size capable of stopping them. If the birds can enter through the mesh, then it can be utterly useless. So to avoid this, make sure you get the mesh size right from the beginning. The 3/4″ mesh size is perfect for most types of birds on average and will prevent them from harming your crops. So if you want to protect the crops from all types of birds, then you should go for this size.

– Weight

The weight of the net is also a great factor that influences the implementation. Because if they weigh too much, then it can be hard to place them or store them for future use. Since you need to carry them from one place to another in a farm setting. So consider this factor before you buy your bird netting for fruit trees. GSM or grams per square meter is the measurement used to measure the weight of a bird netting. Therefore consider a weight that is comfortable and easy to maintain inside your farms before you buy.

– UV Protection

Since bird netting is an item that is mostly in use outdoors to protect plants, they have to be durable against the sunlight as well. Because long exposure to sunlight can break down these bird netting due to the heat it absorbs. And that is why most bird netting on the market has a coating that provides protection from UV. Therefore it will cause any issues and will last a long time on your farms. So this is also another important factor you need to keep in mind while purchasing bird netting for fruit trees.

If you were to consider all the above factors before you buy bird netting, then you will be able to find the best in the market. But going through all of this needs a lot of research from your end. And that can be a hassle as well as too much time-consuming. However, if you are here at this website, then there will be no such things. Because you are already at the home of one of the leading manufacturers of all types of netting in the market. So go through the links below and make your first purchase to get the best bird netting for fruit trees money can afford.

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