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Why is Bee Netting Important?

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Why is Bee Netting Important?

For purchasing the anti-bee nettings for your orchards / vineyards one must contact INSONSHADE


The fabric used as a barrier of insects for many crops is named as bee netting, It protect plants from Insects and reduce the damages to plants. Apart from blooming bee netting does not let bees to enter vineyards and plays significant role in preventing cross  pollination in seed crops.

Why is there the need to use bee netting?

Bees belong to the category of wild animals and are quite uncertain in their behaviors for food search, If there is cross pollination in crops via bees then the crops will produce seeds. So, in order to grow seedless varieties of citrus fruits we need to use bee netting .

Seedless Citrus farm

Why are seeds not good for fruits?

Seedless Citrus

Seeds are not considered good for fruits because they make them inedible. 

So, using these anti bee netting as a barrier is an appropriate solution to protect the plants or fruits from bees by keeping the bees out of it.

Bee Netting for orchards

vineyard Netting

For the protection of fruits as soon as they reach the ripening stage, it becomes crucial for the growers to protect them from the birds , as they tend to reach the ripened fruits in the large group to damage fruit .For this purpose people need to secure & drape netting over each and every plant. The usage of bird netting does not allow the birds to reach the fruit trees / plants.

fruit bird netting
fruit bird netting

There are some other ways to prevent grapes from birds, it involves the  use of some chemical sprays that keep the bird away.  However the use of bird netting is the most common practice that is followed by the growers usually. 

bird netting for vineyard

Goals behind using bee netting

  • It keeps the bees away from grapevines
  • It protects the grapes skins from the damages caused by bees.
  • It does not allows the bees to suck the nectar before it is fermented into wine.

All these goals are achieved via the use of bee netting. We can say the basic perspective behind the use of bee netting is  protecting the fruits or flowers from the access of insects while letting the moisture and air in


How to differentiate bird netting from bee netting ?

The selection of best suitable netting for your crops  is highly important, because there is a big difference in the size and weight of birds and bees. So, we cannot use the same netting for both.


The basic difference between both bird netting &  bee netting & lies in the mesh size of netting.The mesh used for bird netting is usually larger than the mesh used for bee netting.


Bee Size


The bee’s size range varies from 1cm to more than 2cm depending on the type of bee i.e. worker bees are smaller then drones and which in turn are smaller then queens. As we know that the worker bee collect nectar, So the mesh used for bee netting must be smaller than 12 mm in diameter, This mesh size inhibits bees as well as other pollinators. If we use a mesh greater than 12mm, It will not able to restrict bee. The netting with larger mesh sizes can only prevent bird not the bees from entering in the vine yards, Whereas the bee netting can be used to prevent both birds and bees.

Features of INSONSHADE’S bee netting:

Bee netting has played a significant role in agriculture by keeping the the insects and bees away from fruit trees. INSONSHADE’S netting are woven  have following specifications.


  • These are made up of supreme quality  High density polyethylene  HDPE
  • These are woven type product made of monofilament.
  • These are strong and durable.
  • These show resistance  to cold weathers.
  • This virgin polyethylene is stabilized by  UV radiations of 650kly  and FR(NFPA701,B1,M2)
  • The material used is very light in weight so it becomes easier to attach these to the posts or existing structures with the help of cable-ties. 
  • These nets are dense in the values of +/-6%.   
  • Colour available for these netting in our factory are :  Transparent,black and white etc.
  • Their size may vary from 3×100 m , 6x100m, 8x100m, 14.5×100 m, etc.
  • Thread size of such fruit anti  hail net is 0.28mm.
  • The weight of this fruit tree bee-netting can be  55g/m2, 60g/m2, 70g/m2, etc.
  • The roll width size might be in the range of 50m,100m or customized depending upon the needs of customers.
  • Available in a mesh size of 4×1.8m or can be customized as per the customer’s demands.
  • We provide the products with a warranty of 5 years + 10 years.
  • The material used is highly flexible which makes  it easier for the growers to wrap it around different objects such as, sign posts or poles and trees. 
  • they have a very high tensile strength which makes it unbreakable.
  • The mesh has very fine holes that lets the moisture & air in while the flying insects and bees are still kept out. 
So all these features of INSONSHADE’S bee netting makes them a perfect choice for crops and greenhouses if you want to grow the crops free of insects and bugs etc. 
The fine mesh of bee-netting can also be used as bird netting that prevents the birds from resting or sleeping on the plants/trees.

Selection of the right type of bee-netting:

In order to choose the appropriate type of bee-netting, different specifications of bee nettings must be kept in mind or compared. 

So, the three important considerations which are to kept in mind before the selection of nettings are as follows. 

  • The species you are growing
  • Purpose of growth
  • The size of the orchards

Bee nettings for Pears and Apple Growers :

The pear or apple orchards are comprised of a large planting area,   so when you intend to purchase a bee netting for them you must consider the cost that will be brought to purchase and install the bee netting, and the feasibility for the growers to disassemble the netting. So one must use a mesh plus 60.

Bee netting for Growers of Seedless Citrus Species :

When the bees are aimed to kept away  from the crops the weave pattern of the mesh  shall be the knotless one excluding the bees at a highest rate with supreme flexibility.

So, the netting’s mesh size should be 52.

The growers growing the fruits other than these can contact us for the professional advises and customized bee nettings as per their requirements.


When  you intend to install the anti bee-nettings for your orchards, keep in mind the following tips because the installation of bee-nettings might be time taking and a bit tricky as well. After the successful installation of these nettings they really stop the bees from reaching the fruits. 

There are three ways for the installation of bee nettings.

  • Side Netting
  • Single Row drapes
  • Multi Row drapes

Following steps should be taken for the installation of bee-netting. 

1.  The anti bee netting you are going to install must be the right one. 

2.  In the next step the ground is leveled to the maximum possibility  and then you shall install the fencing.

3.   The fences are set up in order to keep them parallel to the zone of growth where the trees will be grown.

4. Bolts must be purchased and organized  before their installation on the ground. 


If you want a customized bee netting solution you must contact INSONSHADE’S .  We supply the best professional services  and protection for  fruits against bees and other predators etc.

What is the best time for the installation of bee netting?

It is important to make sure that the honey-bees come in the spring season before the start of new growths. If the wait is prolonged, the risk factor to gain the crop yield for which you are using the anti bee nets increases.

The best time to install these netting for seedless oranges is before the flowers bloom to prevent pollination.  The honey bees, wasps, swarming bees and hornets present in the vineyards can create problems for grape harvesters as the fruit ripens. therefore it is best to add an anti honeybee netting before the  ripening of fruits.

What is the Best Platform for the purchase of these netting?

INSONSHADE’S Nettings work exclusively to provide a wide range of agricultural netting , i.e. bird netting, bee netting, hail netting. Green house shade nets, etc.  We have been working in this field for years and  exhibit  a detailed research and expertise in the field of agriculture regarding its protection.

We specialize in providing  natural protection for  fruit trees from birds, bees,possums,bats , insects including  codling moths and fruit flies.

Maintenance of Netting:

For using the netting for longer duration ,  the bee netting need to be maintained and taken care of. 

  • While using these netting, the sharp objects must be kept away to avoid any contact with these netting as the sharp objects can cause damage to the surface of mesh.  The damaged mesh does not provide the  required protection as the bees might enter the orchards via those damaged areas.
  •  Besides the fact that bee netting should not be brought in contact with sharp objects, the netting should not be dragged  either  because when these nets are dragged  on grounds can it can be a cause of  abrasions to the nets. These abrasions also affect  its use. 
  • After the growing season the netting are removed, removal of these netting also require great care  to avoid any kind of damage caused by brutal handling of netting. 
  • The storage places of these netting must be dried and then stored. The sunlight should not reach the storage areas directly. 
  • You must sew the tears in the netting by using a thread and needle before applying again without creating a hurdle for future use.

Conclusion :

To manage the pests bee netting plays a significant role. The  crops  are kept safe from any losses /damages caused by bees, yellow jackets or insects/flies.  

Moreover it does not allow cross pollination thus resulting in the seedless varieties of citrus fruits making them productive in relation to its cost and are environment friendly as they are produced from organic products and  saves money from being wasted on bird scarers , chemical sprays, baits or ultrasonic devices which are best for the production of organic fruits. 

INSONSHADE’S is the leading industry in the bee netting fabric wholesale market of CHINA. It supplies the best quality of flexi-weave pattern  nettings while excluding the insects at a highest scale and longest life spans. These can be wide up to 10 m. 

Application of these nettings is very budget friendly as we use machines for their applications as well as removal , saving the labour cost. 

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