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Why should you use hail nettings for your crops?

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Why should you use hail nettings for your crops?


In today’s world of agriculture,  use of hail nets have been a huge investment. For protecting crops from hail, snow & wind you can use INSON SHADE’S  HAIL  NETS.

We design specialized anti hail net for fruits and vegetables. These are designed specially , so its easier for you to use these nettings.

Hail netting

It is defined as most effective unit for protecting plants against hail,wind, birds, snow and other predators. The  worst  damage that can be caused to plants is via hailing. If it hails on an unprotected crop, it can destroy whole crop within few, using hail nets can provide you with the ongoing production of plants.

Key role of Hail netting

As described above, INSONSHADE’s   hail nets  have been designed in such a way that they  act as screens and does not allow any/most of the  objects to pass through them. Thus, protecting the crops  from severe environmental conditions including sunburn.wind,snow, hail and other predators like birds , bees ,bats etc.


As professional suppliers of anti hail nets in CHINA, we can provide the best mesh hail nets for your crops/orchards. These are easy to use as they can be installed and removed very easily. So one does not need to  be worried for carrying out this task him/herself.


INSONSHADE’s hail nets are customized with many mesh sizes. This can help in choosing the most suitable mesh size for protecting the plants. Thus the hail nettings not only protect the crops but it also enhances the growth rate by 10%.These hail nettings are quite  budget friendly for the farmers.  


Material of hail netting

The anti hail nets developed via INSONSHADE’s is made of virgin HDPE monofilaments with UV stabilization.These monofilaments are used to ensure best quality as they show  durability and  resistance to UV radiations for a longer time duration i.e 10 years, Resistance to tearing, the customized  density of mesh with specific dimensions as required..

Features of hail net cloth

We offer the best professional anti hail nets with specific features.


  • These anti hail nets are very easy to install and pretty flexible.
  • Made from 100%  purely virgin HDPE, UV stabilized monofilaments that provides excellent quality.
  • Hail nets used by farmers are quite productive in relation to its cost.
  • These are very easy to handle and can be replaced, light in weight and does not need any labour .
  • To make it durable and strong its constructed in a strong lock stitch manner.
  • The materials used for its production are environment friendly.
  • These hail nettings for gardens decrease the risk of damage caused  to fruit trees by hail, wind,snow, birds,bees and bats etc.

Hail netting for Apple orchards

We provide apple orchard hail nettings in numerous mesh sizes as well.

Different mesh size ranges include; 

i.  4x4mm,85g/m2 

ii. 5x6mm, 65g/m2

iii. 6x8mm, 55g/m2

  • The  mesh may be 2m ,3m, 4m,5m,6m or 12m wide.
  • The mesh for apple hail netting can be can be100 m, 150 m or 200m long.
  • Shade factor includes 15% ,18 %  and 40 % dense mesh.
  • The loops are strengthened around edges and middle to help fix the nets.

Types of hail netting

Different types of hail nettings available in INSONSHADE’s factory are :

Triangle hail netting : Product code YST65

This type of anti hail net is suitable for the protection of fruit trees against hail. Using this hail cloth is productive in relation to its cost .These are  manufactured with a warranty of atleast 5 years.

  • They are  stabilized by treating it with UV radiations of 650KLY.
  • These can be wide upto 12 meters. 
  • These hail nets are 18% dense. 
  • These are available in white,black and crystal colours.
  • Their mesh size is 8.5×2.5x2mm.
  • Thread size of such fruit anti  hail net is 0.28mm.
  • The weight of this fruit tree anti hail net is 65g/m2.

Drape hail netting : YBT60

This is the standard type of fruit tree anti hail netting. This type of hail cloth is light in weight and lacks a proper structure. These owe a warranty of 5 years. 

  • They are  stabilized by treating it with UV radiations of 650KLY.
  • These can be wide up to 6 meters. 
  • These hail nets are 15% dense. 
  • These are available in green,black and crystal colours.
  • Their mesh size is 4.5×1.5mm.
  • Thread size of such fruit anti  hail net is 0.22mm.
  • The weight of this fruit tree anti hail net is 60g/m2.

Leno hail netting : YCT70

These fruit tree nettings are best to use when high strength is needed. These are very durable with at least 3 years of warranty.


  • They are  stabilized by treating it with UV radiations of 650KLY.
  • These can be wide up to 5 meters. 
  • These hail nets are 15% dense. 
  • These are available in crystal colour.
  • Their mesh size is 2×4 mm.
  • Thread size of such fruit anti  hail net is 0.32mm.
  • The weight of this fruit tree anti hail net is 70g/m2.

Square hail nets : YZT70

This type of  hail net cloth is tear resistant and are flexible enough to hold heavy stones and hails. We offer these nets with a warranty of atleast 8 years.


  • They are  stabilized by treating it with UV radiations of 650KLY.
  • These can be wide upto 6 meters. 
  • These hail nets are 16% dense. 
  • These are available in crystal & green colours.
  • Their mesh size is 5×4 mm.
  • Thread size of such fruit anti  hail net is 0.16mm.
  • The weight of this fruit tree anti hail net is 70g/m2.

Applications of hail net cloth

Protection of crops

The hail nettings are used to keep the crops protected from hail, sunburn, storms,wind, bees, birds ,bats and insects.

Protection of cherries orchards:

Our drape nettings are used by growers in Australia and Chile  for the protection of cherries orchards from pests.

Protection against windstorms and hails

These can be laid over  garden hoops & cages or directly over the crops. This reduces the loss of crops due to severe climatic conditions like sunburn and hailing.

Gardens hail netting

In order to protect the grape fruits from birds, INSONSHADE’s nets are used by the farmers.


These hail nets are used to cover the crops completely in such a way that it creates a hurdle for the bees to carryout  cross-pollination. This results in seedless varieties of citrus fruits.

We are  working for the supply of beenetting fabric on a large scale in China at wholesale rate.

YSNetting is focused to be  industrial leader in the chinese wholesale market for bee netting fabric. The flexi-weave pattern is the innovative bee netting which produces the maximum exclusion rate with longest life, so the growers who want to grow seedless fruits, it becomes the best solution for them.


Installation of bee nettings :

Our company provides the bee nettings in various widths i.e. up to 10 meters. These nettings are not sewed so its easy for the clients to use / install them.

INSONSHADE’s hail nettings are easily installed as they drape over any field. We use our machines for their installation over the crops, and when needed the machines remove them quickly. Thus, making these nettings highly productive in relation to their costs resulting in the reduction of labour cost.

Why is Bee Netting important?

Well, bee netting is important for the production of seedless varieties of citrus fruits i.e. Oranges.  When growers use our bee nettings, the process of cross pollination is inhibited. The bees are unable to access the fruit trees or plants. As a result the fruits are produced without seeds. 

Why is there the need to produce seedless fruits?

The production of seedless fruits increases the yield without any increase in cost. So,the fruits produced as a result of bee netting gives more profit. 

Orchard hail net:

Our premium Orchard Hail Net made from monofilaments of 100% virgin HDPE is used for protecting the crops/plants against sunburn. It provides them with shade and gives a cooling effect. These nets are available in different densities and are used according to the type of crop grown depending upon its requiement of light. 


These are offered with varying densities ranging from 15% to 30% dense and weigh 60 g/m2, 90g/m2,Any weight range can be customised.These are highly durable and vary in their widths/ lengths and  can be built on demand. These are highly durable, tear resistant,UV treated & are used as summer screens. available in any size with high stability with a  warranty that its size will not shrink.


Which colour of hail netting cloth is best for your crop?

When you are deciding to choose a hail netting fabric from us, keep in mind that which colour you want to purchase. For this purpose you must be sure enough of the type of plants/ crops you are growing because these colours have varying effects on different kinds of fruits/plants. If you choose a wrong colour for your crop it can reduce the process of photosynthesis and growth of fruit respectively. 

Apart  from the fact that it protects the plants from hails and wind, It can be risky as well.

Four  colours of hail nets are supplied by us:: 

1. Black colour hail nets

2. Crystal hail nets.

3. White hail nets.

4. Green hail nets.

Black or green hail  netting cloth  has proven to be the best shade provider as well as protector against UV radiations in the extremely  hot areas. As a result it protects the fruits from the worst sunburn in those areas.
But the fruits which love light (need more light for growth)  does not grow well in black hail nettings. So in such cases white or crystal hail nets are used. 
i. e. In case of apples, more light is needed for the bright red colours of apples. Growers need to use the transparent  anti hail nets for more light intensity with protection from hails and birds.


YSNETTING’s hail nets are the best hail nets available in market for the protection of your gardens and crops. So you must not hesitate in purchasing these hail netting cloths from us. We can provide any size range of nets as per your demand. 

Where to purchase these nets from?

You can purchase these nets from TAIZHOU YINGSHENG GOODS & MATERIALS CO.,LTD. (YS NETTING)  this is one of  of the leading hail net manufacturer in CHINA,  they can provide products of all colours and sizes at affordable prices as per the customer’s requirements.You can check them out on  if you are  interested.


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