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Are mesh tarps and tarpaulins the same Or different?

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Are mesh tarps and tarpaulins the same Or different?


Landscapers, home or garden developers uses shade tarps  which are sometimes called mesh tarps  to cover objects or fences or to create privacy screens or greenhouses .  This helps to provide shade as well as it keeps the open air space by keeping away the leaves or  debris  thrown via wind. 

Basically Mesh tarps are  of light weight and good strength. The porous material is    used in making these tarps  which lets sun, humidity and  wind  to pass through it. 

 At the end of  tarps are  corners(sharp edges)  which contain grommets. This makes it possible for them to be tied.  Hems  are present on these tarps with double stitching & are available in various colours and sizes.


 Whereas,tarpaulin is made up of a cloth which is impermeable to water and heavyweight & is used as a cover. As, tarp is an epitome for tarpaulin , both of these are kind of same thing,”the shade covers/tarps”.

 There are  holes placed at equal intervals within the fabric strains  in mesh tarp covers. The materials used for making them  are prepared artificially i.e Vinyl or polyethylene with UV inhibiotor.


Apart from the fact that these are lighter in weight , there are many other advantages of these mesh tarps. 


Colours of mesh tarps

The mesh tarps are available in many colours, some of them include : 

Black mesh tarps

  Such tarps are mainly used in constructions sites. 

Desert shade mesh tarp:

They are used to protect those plants which need minute amounts of light.

Green mesh tarps

This type of tarp helps in providing protection to green vegetation.

Orange mesh tarps

These tarps  are used in scaffoldings, debris netting,  custom windscreens, or shade tarps. These are made with PVC coated -polysters nets and has strong edges for increased strength. This is the most populare shade tarp colour among the customers.

All of these colours indicate the strength of light that they allow to pass through them. These colours are built upon the demands of customers. 

Types of tarps:

Mesh trailer tarps  have  grommets made of brass  in every 2 feet for a safer and easier journey, such design where brass grommets used in every two feet makes it easier and safer to use the mesh for covering and tightening purpose.

Heavy duty mesh tarps (High UV Resistance)

Such tarps are also known as trailer tarps. Haulers using flatbed trucks like to use this kind of tarps. Their best usage is as dumper tarps covers  because the stuff they carry along with them has zero to very less fear of being damaged due to humidity.

The protection given by heavy dusty windscreens of our company has no comparison at all. Their usage varies from debris protection in both Golf clubs and Sites of construction. 


Debris Netting

Debris netting is pretty strong and long lasting.It protects traffic and pedestrians from debris and dust. Our company uses UV inhibitors, flame retardants  and Polyethylene to  produce heavy duty mesh netting, this makes them durable for a longer period of time. For providing safe and  dust free environment to general public or work force in a building it is used  as an important part of the system. This is mainly used by scaffold systems for keeping the debris on  sites of construction.

Shade tarps

These tarps are used to cover the materials like small rocks, asphalt, gravels, sand and other materials to prevent the wastage by flying in the air during the journey of trucks. The other advantage of using this tarp is to prevent accidents on the road for the heavy vehicles like truck and dumpers while driving when the flying material from containers disturbs the other vehicles on the road.

Our company is providing the shade tarps with strengthened edges which has increased its strength manyfolds. 

Uses of Debris netting

Debris netting can be used :

  • as a partition in a sports event, creating barriers,
  • Popularly used as  general garden netting, 
  • Plants , crops or  vegetation   farms  are covered via garden netting as well.


 Mesh shade tarp is used in front and back ground areas of any building site where the air flow is needed without the intensity of day light and UV rays, for keeping the work flow smoother on site, The design of netting helps the air to pass through it. This keeps the environment safe from humid or bad smelling air.

Green scaffold netting

Usually scaffold  type of netting is green in colour, so this can also be called as green scaffold netting. This type of netting helps to maintain cooler environments with a high UV resistance.

They also play a role in maintaining your privacy by letting you keep an eye on the outer sides of netting that you are able to see the outer space where as the person on outer side is not able to see your inner space.

Privacy tarp for fence :

Privacy screen is the type of tarp which is used for normal and complete privacy partition in both ways where you can block either the view or the wind pressure. For  the complete privacy purpose one can use solid partitioning. This can be used for  parties whereas the tarpaulin does not make an attractive screen so are not used for long durations.

Custom construction windscreens:

Our company provides construction  windscreens customized as per customers demands. These screens  help to block the wind and develops a barrier  between the workforce and the passers by.  We provide custom fence screen netting for your construction sites which is available in various colours and sizes. 

Harbor freight mesh tarps

These mesh-tarps are best for providing shades to court-yards , Keeping the internal environmental conditions way colder than before. They also  provide shade to the garden beds and trailer and truck beds.The breathablity of mesh tarp does not let 60-70 % of sunlight to pass in while ventilation still occurs. The composition of tarp has a mesh weave with UV resistancy with a strong hem,  double stitches and sealed.

Unfolding of mesh tarps

The best procedure of unfolding mesh tarp is using the grommets. To  secure tarp while unfolding zip ties  and rubber ties  and bungee cords  can be used to make sure it is not flapping up or loosing.

Their installation maybe horizontal or vertical  in direction. For instance the vinyl mesh tarps are installed in horizontal directions. This helps to enhance security of the workforce.

Applications of mesh tarps :

  • Gravel, sand & small rocks are transported via dumpers which are covered by mesh tarps.
  • These mesh tarps are the part of nurseries for providing plants with sunlight .
  • It provides  shelter from intense light of  sun in back yards.
  • Their open weave designs are porous and breathable allowing amounts of  sunlight in shade factors from 25 percent up to 95 percent.
  • When it is used for shading purpose then we call it sun and shade tarps.
  • Carrying such products which needs breathing is the best fit for mesh tarps to be carried in. Mainly breathing products are stored and transported in mesh like animals and transporting garbage to prevent fumes from building up, such materials that doesn’t need protection from snow or rain can be covered with mesh tarp but not in cargo use.  
  • For keeping the cooler and fresh environment in the front and background area of your building through the mesh tarp shade in hot summer season, it is used as an important part of open air space in building premises. The most easy installation and cheaper option in tarp is valance tarp which can be used as cover shade in the open air space like backyard loan, on the outdoor event or for the camping site.
  • Keeps lumber and firewood dry.
  • The wood banks or timbers also uses these tarps to prevent their materials from weather conditions like moisture in the air which can cause the wooden blocks cracking and natural molding in it, from weather conditions like moisture before it is used. Whereas the black mesh tarps are totally different then above mentioned tarps because it allows the moisture to pass through which is used for canopies over the firewood for preventing the wood from snow and rainy season to seeping the water directly into the woods.

Protects Vegetation

These are used to facilitate agricultural processes, greenhouses and nurseries. Shrubs require a lesser amount of air and sunlight for faster growth and nourishment. With the help of these shade tarps the optimum conditions for  such plants are maintained.  Due to their property of providing shade  and protects plants  from extreme weather conditions they act as graden covers. Well, we can use the term Nursery tarp for them as well because they are involved in safe transport of   plants and trees.

Manufacturing process :

  • Polyethylene plastic strips are woven in the centre loosely and its sheets are tightened to the surface. As a result of this bonding a stretch resistant fabric is created which is impermeable to water. 

In this section we will get to know that how mesh tarps are made.

For this purpose large scaled warehouses are needed for the making of the materials appropriately.

Main key-points


  • Resin’s quality
  • Necessary machineries and rolling devices.
  • Experts for managing the packaging of tarp materials.
  • Warehouse for the clean and safe manufacturing of materials.

Following are the simple steps for making polyethylene tarps.

Following are the simple steps for making polyethylene tarps.

Resin-poly beads. These beads will be melted, dyed, and spread out over the nylon mesh to n create a poly layer that makes a tarp.

i)In the first step dying and melting of resins occur.

ii) after the resin beads are melted and dried the tarps are created.

iii) after that machine operated tarp folders are used to tight the the tarp to keep it intact thus reducing any kinds of faults.

iv) The Poly spool is dyed first and then the tarp is created by  a multi layer.

v) Yellow coloured poly tarps are rolled on spreaders. 

vi) tarp machine rolls the mesh threads.

Vii)Now the resins and beads produces the material for making tarps.

The manufacturing process of tarps may vary slightly from one to other depending on the type of material used in the tarps. 


After the above mentioned details, it might be clear that how important tarps are and our company is among  one of the leading companies that are supplying these tarps all over the world.

The mesh tarps are available in China as well and TAIZHOU YINGSHENG GOODS & MATERIALS CO.,LTD   is one of the leading Shade net manufacturer in CHINA,  they can provide products of all colours and sizes at affordable prices as per the customer’s requirements .You can check them out on if interested.

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