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12 Best Shade Cloth Suppliers in 2022

best shade cloth suppliers and manufacturers

Shade cloth is a valuable product gaining popularity because of its numerous advantages in the agricultural, commercial, and construction industries. Whether you want to be the next big entrepreneur to run a commercial shade sails brand, or you simply want to sell outdoor and agricultural shade fabrics on eBay or Amazon, finding the right shade cloth suppliers and manufacturers is critical to your success.

In this article, we’ll explain how to choose a suitable shade cloth manufacturer, and share with you the top 10+ shade netting suppliers all over the world (USA, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, etc) to meet your bulk wholesale requirements.

6 Things to Consider Before Choosing Shade Cloth Manufacturers

Different shade cloth manufacturers offer varying varieties of shade cloths. You must follow the following considerations to choose a shade cloth manufacturer.

1. Local or Overseas Shade Cloth Supplier?

You may decide whether to buy from a shade cloth factory nearby in your country or from a more cost-effective manufacturer overseas (Typically, it would be China, Vietnam, India, etc).

For a domestic supplier, it’s pretty easy to communicate without a language barrier and you can directly visit the factories and get the shade fabric products faster. However, if you are doing business in the USA or Europe and plan to choose local shade cloth factories there, you will cost more, so you have to raise the price of your product to get a stable profit.

Thus, to get a lower price, you can consider choosing from hundreds of overseas shade netting manufacturers. That’s why there are so many outdoor shade sails, and agricultural shade netting made in China.

2. Do They Provide Fabric Samples?

To make sure the shade fabrics meet your requirements, typically most suppliers will send the fabric samples before a large order. Some of them may ask you for a modest fee for the samples, while some provide complete-free shade fabric samples. Before choosing a shade fabric supplier, make sure you can get the samples.

Shade Cloth Free Samples
Shade Cloth Free Samples

3. Production Capacity and Minimum Order Quantity?

Sometimes, you should ask your suppliers about their production capacity since your business may get better and better so you should make sure they have the ability to produce the shade cloth quickly at the great capacity you need.

Shade Cloth Production Capacity
Shade Cloth Production Capacity

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) means the minimum number of products you need to buy in a single order. This would vary from the supplier. Therefore, you need to know what their MOQ is.

4. Shade Cloth Quality Standard

Shade cloth quality is one of the most important factors when choosing a supplier.

To make sure your suppliers produce fabrics of a high standard, you can check whether they offer quality certifications, such as the Australian Shadecloth Test Report, SGS Test Report, and AWTA Test Report.

Shadecloth Test Report Example
Shadecloth Test Report Example

In addition, you may have to do your own research online, visit their factories by yourself, or require them to send you samples for deep analysis.

5. Do They Offer OEM and ODM services?

Always choose an experienced shade cloth manufacturer in wholesale, OEM, or ODM because they can perfectly understand your requirements and provide an excellent cloth shade, especially when you want to build your own brand.

Add Your Own Logo - Shade Cloth Suppliers
Add Your Own Logo – Shade Cloth Suppliers

6. Have They Attended Industry Expos?

Whether a shade cloth manufacturer has attended industry expos can be an important factor to consider when evaluating their credibility. Attending expos can indicate a commitment to quality and a willingness to showcase products and interact with potential customers.

Industry Exhibitions - INSONSHADE
INSONSHADE attending industry exhibitions

By participating in these events, manufacturers are able to demonstrate their expertise and build trust with customers, who can benefit from the opportunity to communicate directly with the manufacturers and learn more about their products.

12 Best Shade Netting Suppliers & Manufacturers:

Finding a perfect shade cloth manufacturer is no doubt a confusing process. But you can buy a high-performance shade cloth from the companies listed below.

1. California Industrial Fabrics (USA)

California Industrial Fabrics is a renowned manufacturing company in the United States. It is responsible for manufacturing recreational and industrial fabric products. Since 1978, the company is showing admirable performance in satisfying its customers with its products and services.

Shade Cloth Manufacturer in USA - NFPA
Shade Cloth Manufacturer in USA – NFPA

Location of the Company: 
SAN Diego. CA 92154-7241, California.

Primary company type:

Year of establishment:

Year founded:

Number of Employees: 

Annual sale:
$1-4.9 Mil


  • Shades
  • Fabrics & Cloths
  • Barriers & Caps
  • Curtains
  • Shelter Supplies & Emergency Shelters
  • Nets & Nettings
  • Fences Dispensers
  • Safety equipment
  • Paddings etc.

2. Shades Comfort Incorporation  (USA)

Shade comfort Incorporation is a renowned custom manufacturing company in the United States associated with manufacturing durable shading products, including shading umbrellas, shading canopies, shade cloths, etc. The manufacturing products show high performance for agricultural purposes.

Shade Fabric Suppliers USA - ShadeComfort
Shade Fabric Suppliers USA – ShadeComfort

Location of the Company: 
Benecia, CA 94510, United States.

Primary Company Type:
Custom manufacturer

Year Founded:

Additional Activities:

The number of Employees:

Annual Product Sale:
Under $1 Mil


  • Shades
  • Structures
  • Awnings
  • Carports
  • Fabrics & cloths
  • Canopies
  • Covers
  • Umbrellas
  • Shelters

3. Jason Mills, LLC. (USA)

Jason Mills, LLC is a jersey-based manufacturer of textiles, nylon knit mesh fabrics, and standard & custom polyesters. It also provides stock items with capabilities including dye cutting, slitting, and finishing & dye processing.

Shade Cloth Suppliers - JasonMills LLC
Shade Cloth Suppliers – JasonMills LLC

Location of the Company:
Milltown, Nj 08850

Primary Company Type:

The number of employees:

Year founded:

Annual Sale:
$1-4.9 Mil


  • Nets & Nettings
  • Screens
  • Barriers
  • Covers
  • Filters
  • Finishing services
  • Knitters
  • Nylon products
  • Aquaculture equipment
  • Fasteners
  • Fabrics & clothes etc.

4. Nolan Group (Australia)

The Nolan Group is a trading shade cloth company in Australia that supplies products in both overseas and local areas. Their distribution centers are located in 6 different locations across Australia. They commonly supply floor coverings, automotive materials, awnings, and other textile products.

Shade Netting Suppliers in Australia - Nolan Group
Shade Netting Suppliers in Australia – Nolan Group

Location of the company: 
Dingley Village, Victoria

Company type:
Privately held

Year founded:

The number of employees:
51-200 employees


  • Shade cloths
  • Industrial fabrics
  • Carpet tiles
  • Floor coverings
  • Acoustic solutions
  • Healthcare fabrics
  • Blind & awnings
  • Commercial furniture

5. Paskal  (Australia)

Paskal is an independently operated company that can be a reliable shade fabric supplier in Australia. It also provides services through its branches in Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria. They satisfy their customers through their high-quality products and incredible services. The company especially focused on its long-term relationship with its customers.

Shade Fabric Manufacturers Australia- Paskal
Shade Fabric Manufacturers Australia- Paskal

Location of company:
9A Lakewood Boulevard, Braeside, VIC 3195 Australia

Company type:
Retail supplier & Wholesale

Braeside, VIC

Year founded:

The Number of Employees:
More than 200 people

Main Products:

  • Shade cloths
  • PVC coated fabric
  • Marine fabrics
  • Canvas
  • Fasteners and fixtures
  • Seating fabrics
  • Boating fabrics, etc.

6. PolyFab Australia

PolyFab Australia is a leading Australian company that provides durable and long-lasting protective textiles for agricultural purposes and shade structures. The protective textiles provide ultimate resistance from atmospheric alternations and harsh environments. Therefore, their products have high demand in agriculture and horticulture. The company also offers shade fabrics that show domestic and commercial applications.

Shade Cloth Supplier - Polyfab Australia
Shade Cloth Supplier – Polyfab Australia

Location of Company:
7, Conifer Crescent, Dingley Village, VIC 3172

Year Founded:

Type of Company:

The number of Employees:
50-150 employees


  • Poly fabrics
  • Shade cloth
  • Horticover
    Birds nest
  • Cover shade
  • Comshade
  • Paraiso

7. Arkan Shade Systems (UAE)

The Arkan shade system manufactures and supplies surprising quality shedding products, including garden sheds & swimming pool sheds. Their products are prioritized for agricultural purposes because of their high durability, greater performance, and easy installation.

Shade Cloth Suppliers in Dubai - ARKAN SHADE SYSTEM
Shade Cloth Suppliers in Dubai – ARKAN SHADE SYSTEM

Location of Company:
P.O, Box no. 266980, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Year of Establishment: 

Company Type:
Distribution, Fabrication & Manufacturing

Number of Employees:
150 Employees


  • Sheds for swimming pools
  • Garden & side covering
  • Entrance shades
  • Shades fabrications
  • Steel fabrication etc.

8. Jupiter Tents and Fabric Shades (UAE)

Jupiter Tents and Fabric Shades is a well-established company mainly concentrating on the construction industry. With the demand for tents and shade products, the company manufactures and supplies shades, canvases, and tents in every corner of the country. They guarantee the excellent quality of these products at a budget-friendly cost. The company also allows you to customize the desired products with specific features.

Jupiter Tents and Fabric Shades - UAE
Jupiter Tents and Fabric Shades – UAE

Location of the Company:
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Year Founded: 

Type of Company:
Supplier & Manufacturer

The number of Employees:
50 employees


  • Shade sail canopy
  • Agro shade nets
  • Dome tents
  • Fencing
  • Wheel covers
  • Car parking shades
  • Canopy tents
    Swimming pool shades
  • Garden umbrellas
  • Branded gazebos
  • Bouncing castles etc.

9. Alnet (South Africa)

Alnet is ranked among the largest shade fabric manufacturers with diverse operating markets located in South Africa. They manufacture high-quality synthetic textiles and shade nets. The company also offers versatile products for the agricultural, aquaculture, industrial, and building & construction sectors.

Best Shade Fabric Suppliers in South African - ALNET
Best Shade Fabric Suppliers in South Africa – ALNET

Location of Company:
Durban, South Africa

Year Founded:

Company Type:
Supplier & Manufacturer

The number of Employees:



  • Shade cloths
  • Shade nets
  • Agricultural nets
  • Fishing nets
  • Construction nets
  • Aquaculture nets etc.

10. Knittex (South Africa)

Knitted, a South African company, was established in 1964. It manufactures and supplies high-quality and reliable shade net or knitted synthetic fibers. The company provides a skilled sale team for selling and advertising the products. The products are manufactured with exact specifications and ensure the satisfaction of the company’s customers.

South African Shade Fabric Manufacturer - Knittex
South African Shade Fabric Manufacturer – Knittex

Location of the Company:
Johannesburg, South Africa

Year Founded:

Type of Company:

The number of Employees:

Main Products:

  • Nursery shade cloths
  • Knitted shade cloths
  • Windbreak nets
  • Greenhouse netting
  • Shading nets
  • Safety barrier netting
  • Nursery shade cloths etc.

11. GreenPro India

GreenPro is a native shade fabric company located in Karnataka, India. The company can manufacture and supplies a wide range of fabric and netting for Agricultural use including shade and waterproof nets for plants, protecting cover for nets, and greenhouse flooring films. And it’s mission is “To be the global ‘Supplier of Choice’ in the agriculture industry, providing sustainable and innovative solutions for protected cultivation.” If you are in India and do Agricultural business, you definitely could consider working with this shade fabric manufacturer.

Agricultural Shade Cloth Suppliers India - GreenPro
Agricultural Shade Cloth Suppliers India – GreenPro

Location of Company: Karnataka, India

Year Founded: 24th April 2017



  • Shade Net
  • Waterproof Shade Net
  • Aluminium / Reflective Nets
  • Windbreaker Nets
  • Knitted Bird Net
  • Seed (Olive) Collecting Nets
  • and so on.

12. Elastic Enterprises (Banglore)

Elastic Enterprises are diverse manufacturers and suppliers in Banglore. The company also exports shade nets, anti-virus nets, scaffolding netting, filter fabrics, etc. The manufacturing of nets is done with the help of Virgin HDPE granules which provides resistance from atmospheric agents, especially from harmful UV rays. Therefore, these nets are widely installed for agricultural purposes.

Shade Cloth Suppliers Bangalore - Elastic Enterprises
Shade Cloth Suppliers Bangalore – Elastic Enterprises

Location of the Company:
Bhadrappa Estate, Magadi Road, Banglore.

Year Founded:

Type of Company:
Retail supplier and wholesaler

The number of Employees:
100-500 people

Main products:

  • Anti-bird nets
  • Anti-hail nets
  • Scaffolding nets
  • Anti-insect netting
  • Agro shade net etc.

Where to Find Reliable Shade Cloth Suppliers

Have you faced problems with how and where to find reliable shade netting suppliers? The usual way to find a reliable manufacturer is to attend industry exhibitions. But now, it’s hard to gather all shade fabric manufacturers now since the 2019 covid pandemic. To find a shade cloth supplier, you may have to get the information from the Internet.

1. Industry Exhibitions & Tradeshows

The suppliers of different industries show off their shade fabric in industrial exhibitions and tradeshows. You can check the shade cloths belonging to different suppliers simultaneously. It will greatly help you to find a reliable shade cloth supplier according to your requirement.

2. Online Marketplace

The online marketplace, also termed an electronic marketplace, provides an interconnection between buyer and supplier through a site. The different supplier provides their shade cloths on different websites. Through the B2 market, you can find a trustable shade cloth supplier that provides shade cloth at a reasonable cost.

To Sum Up

After going through the information in the article, we hope you can judge how to select a trusted and certified shade clothing manufacturer for your projects. You can check out this list of net clothing suppliers to find the best service provider.

INSONSHADE is a leading China shade cloth manufacturer and supplier of shade cloth, sun shading, and greenhouse climate curtains. Our products can provide a complete solution for your problems whether using these shade cloths for agriculture, swimming poles, covering playgrounds, or what so ever. They are designed to fulfill all needs and can withstand severe weather conditions.

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