Best Tree Net to Catch Fruit Falling from Trees

When your fruits are ripe or starting to ripen, it becomes a crucial stage that requires protection. It can be disappointing to witness fruits falling, especially when they are attacked by birds. As a farmer, it is important to know the most effective way to catch falling fruits in order to prevent damage.

One such effective solution is the use of tree netting to catch falling fruits, which not only prevents fruit loss but also maintains the cleanliness of the area beneath your fruit trees.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of harvest nets and explain how they work in catching falling fruits. As a leading agricultural netting manufacturer, we will also share recommendations on some of our most sought-after products suitable for individual use.  Let’s get started!

How Tree Nets Work to Catch Falling Fruit

When you get the reliable fruit nets of choice, you can use them by tying their edges to posts below the tree. Ensure the fruit net is correctly attached to the posts and stretched enough to ensure the fruits don’t hit the ground.

When the fruits fall, they will land on the net. That way, you can come to pick your fruits. The net ensures no bruising occurs to your fruits as they won’t hit the ground, eliminating damage and guaranteeing sales.

Tree Nets to Catch Falling Fruits
Tree Nets to Catch Falling Fruits

You can attach the fruit nets when your fruits near harvest time or when they start ripening. The best part with fruit nets is that you can pick your fruits any time, and no scratches will befall them. Again, you can customize the net to ensure it covers all around the bottom of the tree to trap any falling fruits.

Best Tree Net to Catch Fruit Falling from Trees

How to catch fruit falling from trees is a common concern among fruit sellers. In deciding how to go about it, you must understand what factors to consider to guide you in choosing the ideal tree nets you should use.

The three key factors to consider are tree size, type of fruit, and local wildlife. Before you select a tree net, understand the size of your fruit tree and consider local wildlife. That way, you can know what width and height you should get for the tree net. Moreover, the material and type of the harvesting net should align with the type of fruit you want to catch.

With that in mind, there are three types of tree nets to catch falling fruits you should consider using. Take a look!

1. PCs Garden Net Barrier

Although this ANPHSIN mesh net is assumed to protect fruits from birds, you can tie it around your fruit tree to catch falling fruits, too. The net consists of 400 polyester fabrics, and you will enjoy its aesthetics and transparency nature. Once you wrap it around your fruit trees, you can clip it such that any falling trees will get trapped and wait for collection.

Aside from acting as a fruit-catching net, you can use it to protect your fruit tree from excessive light to control its growth.

PCs Garden fruit nets

2. Ez4garden Fruits Harvest Collecting Netting

Ez4garden fruit harvest netting is among the most reliable fruit-catching nets for trees designed using lightweight material. Besides, its HDPE material makes it cold- and high-temperature-resistant, offering UV protection to ensure durability. Again, it comes with edging and peroration, allowing you to lay it on the ground or hang it around the tree.

Its mesh structure ensures your fruits remain safe from any scratches, and you can quickly lay it below your fruit tree and have it collect any falling fruits throughout the harvesting period. Additionally, the olive mesh has a strong structure that ensures your fruits don’t get scratched by thorns or damaged when they fall. You can use it for different fruits, including olives, plums, apples, etc.

Ez4garden fruit nets to catch fruits
Ez4garden fruit nets to catch fruits

3. Landscape Trimming Garden Pruning Waterproof

This Moonoom product is a multi-purpose waterproof tarp made of a 12-inch hole with corner buckles to support it when standing, preventing your fruits from scattering when they fall. It is easy to use and has a durable and waterproof material.

Once you fix the landscape tarp, it will catch anything falling from the trees, including fruits or leaves. Its waterproof nature is thanks to the polyethylene nature. You will enjoy using this fruit-catching net as it only requires unfolding and placing it around the tree.

Landscape trimming fruit nets

How to Install a Fruit Harvesting Net?

Are you ready to install a fruit harvesting net? First, ensure you have your harvesting net, scissors, and clips. Next, follow the steps below.

  1. Lay your net on the ground, roll it, and spread it below your target fruit tree.
  2. Cut the net so its width covers the entire area below the tree. Ensure you accommodate any fruits that may fall.
  3. Make a slit at the net’s center to ensure you position it with the tree’s bottom. Spread the net around the tree using the slit you made as the center position.
  4. Use your clips to close the slit firmly to attach the net to the tree.
  5. Stretch the net and, where needed, support it with posts at the corners to lift it slightly.

You can now wait for your fruits to start falling. When they do, collect them regularly to avoid rotting or contamination.


Tree nets to catch falling fruits are a handy resource for a fruit farmer. It helps protect fruits from damage, ensuring you don’t incur losses. Besides, it offers flexibility during fruit harvesting as you only need to place the fruit net and collect any fallen fruits regularly. This post has explained why fruit nets are useful and given three types of fruit nets you should consider. Hopefully, you’ve understood why you need fruit nets and how they work. That’s it!

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