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Black And White Shading Screen - B/W85

Black and white shading screen also call  light deprivation screen,white side of screen can reflect high solar radiation and sunlight keep greenhouse cooling. black surface of screen for short speaking reduce radiated heat loss,means energy saving in your greenhouse energy cost.


Our black and white shading screen is special design for reflection excess heat and radiation in greenhouse .
During daytime greenhouse shading screen’s white side provide sunlight and energy reflection.
However the black surface help reduce thermal radiation loss from the plants at night.
Moreover open structure can provide maximum airflow.
So its great ideal for external shade systems.
Benefit of B&W screen:
  • Humidity control
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Sunlight control
  • Temperature control
  • Energy saving
Parameter of B&W shade screen
  • Weight of fabric g/m2  : 160±5
  • Shading Rate : 74%
  • Shading level in direct light:15%
  • Shading level in diffuse light:11%
  • Energy Saving Rate:25%
  • Pattern: 4white black strip one open
  • Width of the tapes  4MM
  • Shrinkage   80°C 2hrs ≤ 1%
  • Warranty    600KLY/5 years outside greenhouse
  • Toxicity    Without plant toxic elements
  • Raw material   Polyolefin, PE
black and white deprivation screen
black and white shading screen
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