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UV Stabilized HDPE Bird Netting For Fruit Trees & Other Crops

Our bird netting for fruit trees provides the best protection from birds to your crops. They are durable and long-lasting made with the highest quality HDPE material with UV stabilized feature. These nets are perfect for fruits like apples, cherries, blueberries, etc. Making them the perfect partner to have to protect your crops. Our nets can hold against many harsh weather conditions and will provide continuous protection. As a result of the weather-resistant capability of our bird netting, they have become popular in many parts of the world today.

What is fruit tree bird netting?

In detail, the bird netting is woven according to a mesh structure that blocks birds from eating and damaging crops on a farm. So your crops will be protected from these birds during the harvest season.

The factor that leads many farmers to implement these netting in their farms and gardens is the major damage caused by these birds. Because of this, farmers lose a lot of their harvest and face financial repercussions.

But with fruit tree netting, you can protect your plants and avoid these situations. As a cover, the fruit tree bird netting is the best choice the farmers have currently in the market. Because it protects the crops not just from birds but from animals like squirrels and other pests as well. So your crops will be protected from these birds during the harvest season earning you large profits.

Also, this bird netting does not cause any harm to the birds unlike other bird-prevention methods like bird spikes and electric wires. And this humane quality of bird netting is another reason why they are so popular in the farming community.

Benefits of Bird Netting from Insonshade

  1. Highly effective – You can expect quick results after implementing our netting on your farms as they provide immediate effects.
  2. Cost-efficient – By saving your harvest from ruin due to damage from birds, you can easily earn your returns on investments easily.
  3. High mesh stability – Our bird netting offers the highest mesh stability that helps them last a long time with good stretch resistance.
  4. Double weaved – To ensure high durability we use the double weave method to make our fruit tree bird netting.
  5. Versatile – This netting provides high versatility since it provides protection not just from birds but also from other animals like squirrels and rabbits.

Bird netting Specifications

Mesh Size(mm) Weight(GSM) Size(m) Materials Colors
10×10 20gsm25gsm,30gsm,35gsm 1×10,2×5,3×4,4×5,4×10,5×6,6×10, 6×100 HDPE with UV Black,green and customs

Fruit Tree Netting Features

  1. Use high-quality HDPE
  2. UV stabilized
  3. Weather-Resistant
  4. Suitable for multiannual use
  5. Industrial grade product
  6. Comes in various sizes and weights
  7. High production capacity
  8. Up to 15-year warranty with free samples
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