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Waterproof Shade Cloth – WP330

YSNetting WP330 is a high-quality waterproof shade cloth fabric supplied in bulk rolls with a highly durable waterproof coating. Designed for awnings and shade covers specifically for commercial architectural applications, where a waterproof structure is required.we are waterproof shade cloth suppliers,manufacturers and us get waterproof sun shade fabric in competitive price.


Our waterproof shade net manufactured by durable shade fabric and polyethylene film.These fabric specifically developed for tension structures, awnings and shade covers .

WP330 SHADE CLOTH of Data:

  • Knitted HDPE mono filament & tape (with LDPE coated) waterproof shade fabric offering a UVR block up to 97.7%.
  • Material: HDPE with Stable &UV protection
  • Size: 3x40m/roll or 3x50m/roll
  • UV Block: Up to 92%
  • Surface Burning classification: LDPE coated
  • Fabric Weight: 330g/m2
  • Heat setting processing, ensure stable size.
  • Waterproof shade fabric.
  • LDPE coating has excellent dirt-repellent properties
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Coated Side 5 years UV warranty, Non-coated Side 10years warranty.


The beautiful palette of color combinations will enhance the design of any outdoor space. Whether you’re creating a structure for a school, playground, office building, hospital, or sports complex there is a commercial 330 wp color combination to match any environment with a unique design.

waterproof shade cloth green - w330
waterproof shade cloth ochre - w330
waterproof shade cloth orange - w330
waterproof shade cloth red - w330
 red waterproof shade cloth– w330
waterproof shade cloth sandstone - w330
waterproof shade cloth blue - w330

W330 Shade Fabric Applications

shade sail for swimming pool
shade sail for swimming pool
shade sail for outdoor
shade sail for outdoor
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