Waterproof Shade Cloth – WP320

Waterproof Shade Cloth WP320. Made from highly water-resistant fabric, INSONAHDE’S Waterproof Shade Cloth is great for patios or pergolas.INSONSHADE,as a reliable waterproof shade  cloth suppliers,manufacturer and factory.all of our waterproof shade cloth will be 5-10years UV warranty. feel free to contact us get carport shade cloth in competitive price.

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Waterproof Shade Cloth WP320 is engineered to the highest quality standards and offers a perfect balance of sun protection, durability, strength, and easy maintenance. With a medium-weight fabric of 320gsm, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It is popular in the African market, particularly in Kenya, Nigeria for car parking shades, and Uganda for carport shade tents.

WP320 shade cloth

Instructions for use: Do not use against open flames.

Exposure to organic solvents, halogens, or strong acids may shorten the life of the fabric and void the warranty.

Specifications Knitted HDPE monofilament and tape (with PVC coating) waterproof sunshade fabric, can provide up to 97.7% of UVR blocking.

Product information details

  • Material: material with stable UV
  • Size: 3x40m, 3x50m
  • UV blocking: up to 92%
  • Surface burning classification: PVC coating
  • Fabric weight: 320gsm


  • Heat setting processing, guarantee shrinkage≤1
  • Stable & UV resistant
  • Stable color, not fading.
  • Waterproof shade fabric
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • PVC coating has excellent adhesion to knitted substrates
  • Breaking Force:650N (warp),1300N(weft)
  • Tear strength:70kgs warp(min), 130kgs weft(min)
  • Burst Pressure:250kpa(min)

waterproof shade cloth carport shade cloth


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