Smoky Green Shade Cloth for Outdoor - COLARO185

The COLARO185-smoky shade cloth is a high-quality outdoor shading solution that is perfect for a variety of applications. Made from 100% UV-stabilized polyethylene, this fabric is able to block harmful UV rays and protect people and spaces from the sun. It is also lightweight and durable, making it a reliable choice for shading projects such as patios, courtyards, privacy screens, and pool covers.

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COLARO185 – Smoky shade fabric roll is made from knitted polyethylene tape and monofilament yarn in a special structure. It is suitable for a wide range of commercial shading projects and architectural applications, as well as for home use such as covering pergolas or providing privacy screens. It is not recommended for tension applications like shade sails. Some potential applications include shading patios, courtyards, carports, aviaries, pool covers, and barbecue areas.


  • Made from UV-stabilized HDPE knitted yarn
  • Provides long-lasting UV protection, strength, and resistance to tearing
  • Suitable for applications where a high shade factor or privacy screening is needed
  • Can be customized to different colors and quality levels
  • No edge tapping, only factory edges
  • Only available in bulk shade fabric roll orders


  • Weight: 185 g/m2
  • UV blockage: 90%
  • Roll size: 3x50m, available in straight or center-folded rolls, or can be customized to a different size
  • Heat treatment: prevents size shrinkage
  • Warranty: 5-10 years UV and color stability


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