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The Importance of Agricultural Netting

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Garden or agricultural netting is a term that you can commonly hear in the agricultural field. Because it brings a lot of benefits for farmers around the world to help them grow plants or crops. But some do not know about this netting and how they help to gain these benefits for their farms.

So to help with this, we thought about writing this post that can be informative and let you know what this netting does and how you can get them. Therefore to start this discussion, let’s find out what these netting and do. And later on, let’s delve into the various types of agricultural netting you can find in the market.

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What is Agricultural Netting?

image of a greenhouse with a agricultural netting

They are mostly shade cloth that protects plants and crops from extreme sunlight. Because extreme heat from the sunlight can make the plants dry or lead them to their death.

As a result, many people put these shade cloths over their greenhouses to protect their plants. And this agricultural netting has become a must-have in the fields related to agriculture and horticulture.

Therefore the market for these netting is at an all-time high and there are always new products entering the market. For that reason, you can find multiple variations of this netting now coming out helping many more fields other than the ones mentioned above.

For example, the following is a list of where this netting has come in handy to serve many purposes in the agricultural industry.

Types of Agricultural Nets and Their Benefits?

1. Agricultural Shading Netting

Greenhouse shading netting can provide the perfect environment for your crops to grow with the best shade possible. So the plants will grow without any issues even in the harshest weather conditions. And also, having this garden netting can reduce the water consumption of the plants. Since it does not have to consume more water as it has protection from the sunlight with shade cloth over the greenhouse.


Also, this netting is easy to install and does not cost as much for all the benefits it brings as protection cover for your crops. And this agricultural netting can be used for many crops such as vegetables, fruits, or flowers. Due to this versatility, this netting is popular in many fields in the agricultural industry today. For example, the following is a list of crops that shade cloth helps protect from harsh weather conditions.

  • Herbs
  • Asparagus
  • Carrots
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Radish
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Capsicum


The video from GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley Youtube channel is a prime example of how you can use shade cloth fabric as netting to protect your crops.

2, Insect Netting

Agricultural insect netting is a type of netting used to prevent insects from entering greenhouses and other agricultural structures, while still allowing light and air to pass through. It is designed to be durable and resistant to harsh weather and environmental conditions, and it is often made from synthetic materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene.

40 mesh anti insect netting
Agricultural Netting – Insect Netting

There are numerous benefits to using agricultural insect netting in greenhouses and other agricultural settings. One of the primary benefits is pest control, as it can effectively prevent pests from entering the greenhouse and damaging crops. This can greatly reduce the need for chemical pesticides and help to ensure the health and productivity of crops.

In addition to pest control, agricultural insect netting can also help to prevent the spread of viruses, regulate temperature and humidity within the greenhouse, and create a more suitable growing environment for crops. It can also reduce the use of pesticides, save energy, and lower the overall cost of greenhouse cultivation. Overall, agricultural insect netting is a valuable tool for maintaining healthy and productive greenhouses.

3. Trellis Netting for Plants

Trellis netting is the perfect partner for a variety of climbing plants you find in crop cultivation. Because this crop netting elevates the plant to help it grow faster than normal. Since the plant will have more access to sunlight and air than usual. And this process helps the plant to grow more efficiently for a faster yield.

And another advantage of trellis netting is that it saves a lot of space as well. Since multiple plants can be grown in a small amount of space as they grow upwards instead of like other plants. So due to a combination of all these, this type of agricultural netting has become a high-demand item among almost every farmer who grows climbing plants.

The following video by the Youtube channel Hoss Tools will demonstrate how easy it is to implement trellis netting to improve your crops on your farms.

4. Agricultural Crop Protection Netting

This type of netting protects plants from animals and large pests. Because in a crop cultivation farm there are many risks for your crops from a variety of animals. As they want to consume the crops you grow it will cause you to lose money since the crops will get damaged. So to avoid this, many farmers around the world today use crop protection netting for their crops.

Because this netting covers the crops and denies entry to birds and large pest who wants to eat them. And this way of protection is perfect to protect crops like fruits since they have the most risk of getting eaten by animals as they are much sweeter. For example, this agricultural netting is perfect for fruits like berries and grapes.

So the following video from the Youtube channel UC Master Gardeners of Sacramento County will show how you can protect your plants with crop netting.

5. Pond Netting

There are various threats to fish on aquaculture farms from predators. But you can protect them by covering your ponds with pond netting. This netting is non-toxic to the fish making it the best protection the fish can have around the pond.

Also, this pond netting protects from various waste that falls and pollutes the pond or the fishery. For these reasons, pond netting has become one of the most sought-after items in aquaculture similar to agricultural netting. And these products are similar as many manufacturers use the same materials such as plastic or nylon to make these netting.

The following video from the Youtube channel HouseBarons is a perfect example of how you can protect your fish from risks and threats related to ponds and fishery.

How Effective is Agricultural Netting for Your Farms?

The abovementioned netting types can bring a lot of benefits that can save you money and increase efficiency around your farms. Because the products found on your farms will have the best protection possible to reduce all types of risks and threats.

As a result, most commercial farms found in the industry are using agriculture netting to do exactly that! So if you want quick results and to avoid losing money due to all the threats mentioned above in this post, then you need to find a quality netting supplier for your farm.

But if you have multiple operations on your farm from a variety of crops to ponds and fisheries, then it’s best to find a supplier who can provide all types of netting. Because it’s always great to buy from one place without going to several sellers.

However, it is rare to find such a sale as this industry is vast and you can only find a few who specialize in every type of netting. Luckily for you, if you are at this website, then you do not need to do research a lot as you are already at the home of one of the agricultural netting suppliers in the world.

INSONSHADE – Your Reliable Agricultural Netting Manufacturer

INSONSHADE is a certified shade cloth supplier that manufactures all types of nets, screens, and shade fabric for many commercial industries. With years of experience in this field, we have earned the trust of a global customer base that regularly buys our products. Because we provide a quality product that no one can match in our industry. And that is why you should not worry when it comes to buying our products as we only provide the best. So if you are planning to buy agricultural netting or any other shade fabrics, then we are your best choice.

Therefore contact us today to make your inquiries before you buy from us. And we will answer all your questions to make your purchase go smoothly without any issues.

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