Durable & Strong Light Diffusion Climate Screens

YSNetting’s Light-Diffusion Screens have been specially developed to distribute sunlight over the crop as efficiently as possible. In addition to better light distribution, the screen also ensures a milder climate in the greenhouse. If you want wholesale or OEM service for climate screens, don’t be hesitate to contact us to get a factory price.

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  • With high-grade diffusion screens, sunlight spreads evenly and reaches deeper over the plants. Diffused light provides stronger and healthier plants because the light comes from multiple angles. This distributes the light among the plants so that each plant gets an equal amount of light and there are no plants that suffer from direct irradiation.
  • There are many varieties in shading levels. We would like to hear your story, in this way we can help you with creating the optimal climate for your plant plants.
  • Many crops grown in a range of climates benefit from diffuse light. such as medicinal cannabis.
  • Used at night to reduce the loss of radiation and the condensation on crops.
  • The excellent light diffusion will scatter the sunlight into the crop more evenly.

Benefits of using Light Diffusion Climate Screens

  • High-grade light diffusion actively scatters the sunlight to reach deeper – and more evenly – into the crop.
  • Less risk of burning the plants and more light exposure at a cooler temperature.
  • Improved productivity and stronger healthier plants due to more even light distribution to upper and lower sections of the crop.
  • A gentle and effective environment not only for plants – but also for the people working in the greenhouse.
  • Increased crop quality due to lower temperature of the fruit or flower.


  • Durable & strong
  • Superior energy saving
  • Highest light permeability
  • Optimal humidity transport
  • UV resistant , FR (NFPA701,B1,M2? ?5years warranty
  • Temperature control
  • Natural light management
  • Color, weight can be customized
climate screens specification - shade fabric wholesale
climate screens specification – shade fabric wholesale


Type of product: Woven Fabric
Material: Polyolefin
Features: Cold-resistant, Anti-Mildew, UV resistant , FR (NFPA701,B1,M2
Roll Width Size: 4.3m,5.3m, or customized
Roll Length: 50m,100m, or customized


Sr.No. Weight (gsm) Shade Rate Energy Saving Shrinkage Tensile strength Warp Tear strength Weft
1 155 35% 40% ≤1 150N/5cm 145N/5cm
2 155 45% 45% ≤1 160N/5cm 150N/5cm
3 160 55% 50% ≤1 170N/5cm 168N/5cm
4 165 60% 53% ≤1 180N/5cm 185N/5cm
5 170 75% 55% ≤1 190N/5cm 200N/5cm


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