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4 Tips To Choose The Climate Curtain Suitable For Your Horticulture Greenhouse

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4 Tips To Choose The Climate Curtain Suitable For Your Horticulture Greenhouse

The growth of flowers requires a suitable greenhouse climate. Different flowers have different requirements for light, temperature, and humidity at different growth stages. For example, the growth and development of flowers have certain requirements for light intensity and photoperiod. According to the light intensity, they can be divided into positive, neutral, and negative flowers. For example, anthurium and orchids need to grow under lower light levels; while the photoperiod is mainly has a certain relationship with inducing flowering, and can be divided into long-day, medium-day, and short-day flowers. For example, chrysanthemum and poinsettia are short-day flowers.

In addition to light, suitable temperature and humidity also play an important role in the healthy growth of flowers and the reduction of pests and diseases. The curtain is one of the very important pieces of climate control equipment in the greenhouse, which is used to adjust the light, humidity, and temperature of the greenhouse. The material characteristics and the density of the woven strips determine their shading rate and energy-saving rate. So, how to create a suitable greenhouse climate environment for flowers by using climate-regulating curtains? INSON’s climate screens provide a complete solution for your flower planting.

1. Sun Protection

In summer, the light intensity far exceeds the needs of plant growth. By installing suitable climate adjustment screens, the amount of light entering the greenhouse can be effectively controlled, and the flower plants are protected. As the amount of light entering the greenhouse is reduced, it also indirectly reduces the temperature. effect. The cooling effect of external shading is better than that of internal shading, mainly because the outer shading screen can block sunlight before it enters the greenhouse, reducing heat radiation into the greenhouse.

2. Scattered Light Effect

In addition to shading protection, INSON SHADE climate control curtains can also provide high-quality light-scattered light for the greenhouse. Compared with direct light, the scattered light is softer and more uniform. It can effectively reduce the shadows generated by the greenhouse structure in the production area, so that the flower plants can obtain uniform light, and reduce the workload of the flower growers to move the pots. In addition, for relatively tall fresh cut flowers, such as roses, gerbera, etc., scattered light can penetrate deep into the canopy of the plant to increase photosynthetic efficiency and thereby increase yield. As the light shielding from the upper leaves to the middle and lower leaves is reduced, the grower can carry out reasonable dense planting and improve production efficiency. Excessive direct light will cause the stomata of the leaves to close, reduce transpiration, and increase the temperature of the leaves. For young petals and leaves, hot direct light is very easy to cause burns. The INSON SHADE scattering screen can effectively protect the plants from harm.

3. Heat Preservation

The aluminum foil-style curtain can be closed at night to keep it warm in winter. In terms of material performance, the thermal insulation effect of aluminum foil is better than that of film. The energy-saving rate of general film is 43%~50%, while the energy-saving rate of aluminum foil type thermal insulation curtain can reach 49%~70% according to the content of aluminum foil strips.

Secondly, the use of thermal insulation screen is not only to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse air, but it is more important and often overlooked that it can also reduce the heat radiation loss of the plant, thereby maintaining a higher plant temperature and preventing condensation, especially the flower buds. This can indirectly improve the quality of flowers. Due to the use of thermal insulation screens, the temperature and humidity will rise, and need to be adjusted by retaining ventilation gaps or opening windows for ventilation.

4, Adjust The Light Period

Unlike growing vegetables, flower growers face the problem of inducing flowering. Due to market demand, annual supply of potted plants and fresh-cut flowers is needed. Sometimes, in order to meet the needs of the festival, it is necessary to regulate the time of flowering. Generally, the greenhouse adopts the methods of supplementing light and blocking light to control the light period, and blocking light will use light-blocking curtains

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